0110.060.00 Electronic Verification System (EVS)

0110.060.15.10 FCRA Authorization for MO HealthNet for Disabled Children (MHDC) Cases

IM-42 April 28, 2023; IM-103 July 11, 2022; IM-165 December 9, 2020

If otherwise eligible, children under the age of 18 who are disabled may receive MHDC coverage under the Spend Down, Non-Spend Down or Vendor programs.  Eligibility requirements for the MHDC program are the same as those for adults who are disabled, except that the income and resources of the disabled child’s parents are deemed in certain circumstances.

Note: For more information regarding eligibility criteria for the MHDC program, refer to 0805.020.00 Medical Assistance for Disabled Children (MADC).

Authorization to use the Electronic Verification System (EVS), including sources that have Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requirements, is received when a valid application is received. 

The authorization language is included within the “Rights and Responsibilities” section of the MO HealthNet (MHN) application and on the annual renewal form.

FCRA authorization is a condition of eligibility for Non-MAGI applicants and participants.  MHN eligibility may NOT be denied to the applying child if authorization to utilize electronic verification of the assets of the non-applying parent is revoked or not granted.  All required verification for an eligibility determination must still be provided by the participant.

In order to access EVS data sources, the non-applying parent may be asked to provide their social security number, date of birth, maiden name or other name known by, and address.  Since it is not a condition of eligibility that this information be provided by a non-applying parent(s), MHN eligibility for the participant may NOT be denied or discontinued due to the parent’s failure to provide this information.

The authorization remains valid until:

  • The Family Support Division (FSD) rejects the application;
  • Benefits are terminated; or
  • FSD receives a written and signed revocation.