0815.030.10 Determining Total Allowable Deductions

0815. Increasing the Personal Needs Allowance Due to Child Support Payments

IM-97 December 3, 2012; IM-33 March 29, 2012; IM-77 December 21, 2011; IM-68 July 14, 2004

If an applicant or participant is responsible for current child support payments and/or payments for child support arrearages, those payments may be used to increase the personal needs allowance when verification is received that the support is:

  • being paid and is based on a court order or administrative order from a state child support enforcement agency; or
  • the court or child support agency has ordered money withheld from the claimant’s income to pay child support arrearages and the money is currently being withheld from the claimant’s income.