Practice points and Alerts

2018 Practice Points or Alerts

Number Title Category Date
PA18-CM-10 Informed Consent vs. Consent to Treat Case Management 12/27/2018
PA18-CM-09 Center for Excellence Consultations Case Management 12/27/2018
PA18-CM-08 Quarterly Summary for Case Management Case Management 12/10/2018
PP18-IA-02 Juvenile Assessments Investigations/Assessments 12/10/2018
PA18-OY-01 Post-Secondary Visits for Youth in Foster Care Older Youth 12/10/2018
PA18-CM-07 FCS/AC Case Openings in FACES Case Management 11/27/2018
PA18-CM-06 Custody Modification Program (Rescinded 4/14/2020) Case Management 11/08/2018
PA18-AD-01 Successor Guardian Adoption 10/17/2018
PA18-CM-05 Preferred Name Field Added To FACES Case Management 08/31/2018
PA18-IA-02 Preferred Name Field Added To FACES Case Management 08/31/2018
PP18-CM-04 Healthy Children and Youth (HCY) Exams for Children Under Age 10 Case Management 08/31/2018
PA18-CM-03 FACES Updates Concerning ICPC Case Management 08/17/2018
PA18-CM-02 Diligent Search, Rescinded 08-28-23, Superseded by CD23-27 Diligent Search and Placement Guidance Case Management 07/24/2018
PP18-IA-01 Preventive Service Referrals Investigations/Assessments 07/13/2018
PA18-RD-03 The Difference between the Alternative Care Review Board and the Fair Hearing Process Licensing / Resource Development 06/22/2018
PA18-CM-01 Notification of DJO When a Child Changes Placement Case Management 05/30/2018
PP18-IA-04 Duplicating CA/N Reports and Referrals Investigations/Assessments 04/23/2018
PP18-FC-02 Emergency Residential Category Foster Care Foster Care 03/30/2018
PP18-IA-03 Delayed Investigative Conclusions Investigations/Assessments 03/12/2018
PA18-RD-02 Weapons in Resource Provider Homes Licensing / Resource Development 03/08/2018
PA18-FC-01 Resource Parents and Confidentiality Foster Care 02/15/2018
PA18-RD-01 Managed Care Decisions Licensing / Resource Development 02/01/2018