Supplemental Aid to the Blind (SAB) Manual

0415.005.00 Maximum and Minimum Payments

IM-57 June 8, 2023; IM-71 December 19, 2018; IM-68 June 15, 2017; IM-35 June 24, 2014; IM-50 June 11, 2012; IM-30 June 21, 2011; IM-44 June 29, 2010; IM-39 June 11, 2009; IM-43 June 11, 2008; IM-53 June 8, 2007; IM-63 June 15, 2006; IM-56 June 2, 2005; IM-60 June 10, 2004; IM-77 June 26, 2003

Payments to persons eligible for a cash grant may be in the form of a check mailed to the participant or a direct deposit to the participant’s checking or savings account. This is the participant’s option; however, the participant must have an active bank account in order to use the direct deposit (IM-20) option.

If the SAB participant is not in a nursing home, the grant is the difference between the participant’s SSI payments and the SAB maximum grant amount. Refer to 0415.005.05 SAB Claimant in a Nursing Home, if a claimant is in a nursing institution or enters a nursing institution.

If the SAB participant’s case was previously converted to SSI-SP or SP only in January 1974, refer to the SP Manual for options in determining the grant amount.

Refer to Appendix K – MO HealthNet Eligibility for Non-MAGI Programs for the current maximum grant amount.