Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0205.075.15.35 Pending Review

IM-104 December 1, 2015; IM-24 April 22, 2011; IM-23 April 2, 2010

The determination if a participant meets an exemption or extension should be made by the 45th month of receipt of TA. However, if the eligibility specialist is not able to make this determination by the 45th month, the decision must be made as quickly as possible. The TA case automatically closes when a participant reaches the 45th month unless a valid exemption or extension reason is entered on the TA Work Requirement (COMPACT/FM8B) screen.

When determining an exemption or exclusion, and the adverse action period has already begun, the following must take place:

  • Update COMPACT screen with ‘H’ in the work requirement indicator (work req ind) field, a ‘26’ in the Extension Reason (extension rsn) field, and a re-evaluation date
  • Void the adverse action closing on the ACTRES (FM50) screen
    • NOTE:  If the adverse action closing is not voided, the case will close even if a valid extension reason has been entered.
  • Authorize the change

NOTE: If an individual has a pending MRT disability determination or SSI determination, the work requirement indicator on COMPACT/FM8B should be coded E (Exempt) and the exemption reason coded 06 (Permanently Disabled). A re-evaluation date within 90 days must be entered.

The pending review code is used at application after the receipt of 45 months of TA for the following reasons:

  • while the eligibility specialist determines if the applicant qualifies for an exemption or an extension
  • waiting for verification of the exemption or extension; or
  • waiting for the decision on the extension by the County Manager or Program Manager

If verification is not provided or a decision is not reached by the 30th day, FAMIS rejects the TA application.

For information on how to enter an extension reason, refer to the TA Work Requirement: Hardship Extension User Guide.