Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0205.075.20.20 Re-evaluating an Extension

IM-104 December 1, 2015; IM-23 April 2, 2010

Once an extension has been granted, periodic re-evaluations of the family’s circumstances need to be made. Reviews need to be as frequent as necessary to assist the participant during an extension.

Under normal circumstances, re-evaluations are to be conducted within 90 days of receiving an extension or under the following circumstances.

  • Re-evaluations may be conducted in less than 90 days when the individual demonstrates the ability to move forward.
  • The re-evaluation date may be more than 90 days when the physician recommends a longer extension (e.g. if physician’s statement indicates a disability for nine months, the extension would need to be reviewed at nine months).

An extension may be received as long as the individual meets any reason for an extension outlined in 0205.075.15 Extensions to the Forty-Five (45) Month Lifetime Limit. Each extension reason should be reviewed at every re-evaluation period as a participant’s circumstances may have changed. The eligibility unit (EU) must also continue to be eligible for Temporary Assistance (TA).

The eligibility specialist sends the Notice of Temporary Assistance Extension for Hardship Action (IM-363) to the individual informing them of the re-evaluation decision within ten (10) days. If the extension is denied, or the EU is no longer eligible for TA, the Adverse Action Notice (FA-510) is also sent to start case closing procedures.

For information on how to enter an extension reason, refer to the TA Work Requirement: Hardship Extension User Guide.