Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0220.015.05 Possible Review/Change in Circumstances

IM-60 September 3, 2010IM-19 March 19, 2010IM-08 January 31, 2005

Certain changes in circumstances necessitate a complete review of the Temporary Assistance (TA) case. The Temporary Assistance Eligibility Review Form (FA202) must be completed or the review process completed over the telephone provided everything needed to complete the review has been received when the following changes are reported:

  1. appointment of a guardian, or
  2. moved to another county

Other changes will necessitate a complete review however a Temporary Assistance Eligibility Review Form (FA202) may not be necessary:

  1. adding a child
  2. return of an absent child
  3. marriage of Temporary Assistance payee, or
  4. return of a noncustodial/absent parent

NOTE: When an in-person interview (which is NOT mandatory when completing an add-a-person action) or a phone interview can be conducted for the above mentioned changes, a Temporary Assistance Eligibility Review Form (FA202) is NOT needed. The controlled flow is completed with the participant’s input. If the change was reported by mail and there is no way to contact the participant, send a Temporary Assistance Eligibility Review Form (FA202), and complete the review for the TA case using the form.

Enter comments in FAMIS, when applicable, for non-financial and financial factors which can include:

  • Resources
  • Child in the home
  • Deprivation reason
  • Residency
  • School attendance
  • Work activity status
  • Income