Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0220.015.05 Possible Review/Change in Circumstances

IM-60 September 3, 2010IM-19 March 19, 2010IM-08 January 31, 2005

Certain changes in circumstances necessitate a complete review of the Temporary Assistance (TA) case. The Temporary Assistance Eligibility Review Form (FA-202) must be completed or the review process completed over the telephone provided everything needed to complete the review has been received when the following changes are reported:

  1. appointment of a guardian, or
  2. moved to another county

Other changes will necessitate a complete review however a Temporary Assistance Eligibility Review Form (FA-202) may not be necessary:

  1. adding a child
  2. return of an absent child
  3. marriage of Temporary Assistance payee, or
  4. return of a noncustodial/absent parent

NOTE: When an in-person interview (which is NOT mandatory when completing an add-a-person action) or a phone interview can be conducted for the above mentioned changes, a Temporary Assistance Eligibility Review Form (FA-202) is NOT needed. The controlled flow is completed with the participant’s input. If the change was reported by mail and there is no way to contact the participant, send a Temporary Assistance Eligibility Review Form (FA-202), and complete the review for the TA case using the form.

Enter comments in FAMIS, when applicable, for non-financial and financial factors which can include:

  • Resources
  • Child in the home
  • Deprivation reason
  • Residency
  • School attendance
  • Work activity status
  • Income