Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0255.025.00 Mandatory (Work Eligible) Individuals

IM-85 December 7, 2016; IM-37 June 17, 2011; IM-64 September 30, 2010; IM-85 November 30, 2009

Participants who are determined to have no condition or barrier that would allow an exemption or exclusion are mandatory to participate in work requirements activities (work requirement indicator of ā€œDā€) and are referred to Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) program for employment and training services.

NOTE: Teen parents who are not the head-of-household are NOT referred to MWA.

Once an individual is referred to MWA as a mandatory participant, refer to Appendix N ā€“ Referral Process to MWA Program for information on MWA referral process and participant changes in circumstances while they are participating in the MWA program.