Temporary Assistance/Case Management

0262.010.05 Returned Mail With No Forwarding Address

IM-37 June 17, 2011

If the Temporary Assistance (TA) recipient’s mail is returned and doesn’t include a forwarding address, and it is determined the TA recipient does not live at that address:

  • Place the returned mail in the paper file;
  • Enter case notes regarding the reason for the returned mail; and
  • Send the ‘Unable to Locate’ alert to Family Support Division (FSD) via the overnight batch to FAMIS (FSD’s eligibility determination system).NOTE: When reviewing the returned mail, make sure the entire address is printed on the envelope and the mailing address in the MWA System was used.NOTE:  When determining if the TA recipient is actually still located at an address, contact the local post office to determine what the returned mail postal codes mean.  “Unable to Locate-No forwarding address” can automatically be used to send the ‘Unable to Locate’ alert.

If the ‘Unable to Locate’ alert has not been acted upon by FSD within 10 business days, contact local FSD.

If the MWA case manager discovers the Unable to Locate alert was sent in error, a designated MWA supervisor (which is typically the MWA Coordinator) can delete an alert up to 5:00 pm the same day it is sent.  Contact your appropriate MWA supervisor to determine who this is for your region.  If an alert was sent in error and it is beyond the “same day”, advise local FSD of the error and enter appropriate case notes.

If returned mail does not contain a forwarding address, but the address has been updated since the mail was sent (either from an address change received from FAMIS or was updated by the recipient):

  • Enter case notes regarding the returned mail and there is a more current address in the MWA System;
  • Resend the mail to the new address; and
  • Do not send the ‘Unable to Locate’ alert.