Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0262.020.10.05 At Risk Pregnancy

IM-83 July 3, 2017; IM-37 June 17, 2011

If it is medically determined anytime during the pregnancy that the baby or mother is at-risk, use the waiver for E04 – Temporary Disabled Individuals.

Example: In the first month of pregnancy, Jane’s physician has determined that her baby is at-risk because of medical complications. The physician prescribes bed rest in the first trimester and Jane is granted temporary waiver status for a temporary disability during her first trimester.

MWA contracted staff must obtain a statement from a medical professional supporting the need for a temporary waiver due to at-risk conditions, as verification for this category. Do not enter the participant in this waiver in the MWA System until the doctor’s statement is obtained. Provide a copy of the doctor’s statement to FSD by scanning to DISTI@dss.mo.gov.