Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0262.020.10.15 Temporarily Disabled

IM-37 June 17, 2011

If a temporary physical or mental condition prohibits a Temporary Assistance (TA) recipient from immediately engaging in a work activity, or participation in a work activity is delayed to receive appropriate medical attention to eliminate or minimize the condition, the recipient may be placed in a temporary waiver for temporary disability.

The Family Support Division (FSD) may be aware of the disabling condition prior to referral to the Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) service provider. If so, the referral is delayed until the disabling condition is resolved.

The temporary disabling condition may appear after enrollment in MWA, at which point the MWA case manager must determine the appropriateness of placing the recipient in a temporary waiver.

General guidelines for placing a recipient in a waiver for temporary disability:

  • The condition must prohibit any participation, not just participation in work;
  • The condition will be at least 30 days in duration;
  • The temporary disability must be due to a medical condition of the recipient. Temporary waivers are not granted to a recipient due to a medical condition of another household member, such as a child;
  • The recipient must not be enrolled in the temporary waiver until the documentation is received and recorded in the MWA System;
  • An expected duration must be entered in the MWA System record, based on the medical documentation; and
  • A temporary waiver is never entered for longer than six months even if the medical documentation indicates a longer duration.

Adequate information to determine this waiver is based on the nature of the individual’s condition as well as its severity. Typical methods of verification to establish the extent and length of the disability may include documentation from a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, or hospital reports provided by the individual. The verification must be current and include the expected duration of the condition.

If verification or confirmation of the recipient’s condition is inconclusive, the MWA case manager should discuss the case with a supervisor for alternative solutions. In some situations, an individual’s condition may be documented as permanent. If this occurs, encourage the recipient to apply for a Social Security Administration/Supplemental Security Income to see if they meet the criteria for a permanent disability. Refer to 0262.020.05.05 Mentally and Physically Disabled above for more information.