Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0262.020.10.35 Procedure for Assigning Temporary Waiver Status

IM-37 June 17, 2011

When a Temporary Assistance (TA) recipient asks for consideration for any of the temporary waiver criteria, place the recipient in assessment while attempting to obtain documentation of the condition. When the documentation is received, place the recipient in a temporary waiver on the Participant Information screen with a scheduled end date of up to six months. Generally, the documentation of the condition includes an expected duration that dictates the expected end date of the waiver, up to six months. If the documentation indicates duration longer than six months, use an expected end of six months, and extend if necessary.

At the scheduled end date of the waiver, close the waiver, open an assessment activity, review the circumstances for the waiver, and contact the recipient for new documentation of the current status of the condition. Keep the recipient in the assessment activity until new documentation is obtained. Include a face-to-face interview in this review process whenever possible.

If the new documentation indicates the waiver is still appropriate, place the individual back in temporary waiver status up to an additional six months. If the situation is improved and the waiver is no longer appropriate, review and update the Individual Employment Plan (IEP) with the end date and outcome, and assign an appropriate work activity. If the actual end date is different than what was originally entered on the Participant Information screen, update the end date on the Participant Information screen to match the end date entered on the IEP.

Waivers can exist longer than 12 months in rare circumstances. If a waivered condition lasts that long, it’s possible an exemption reason should be explored.

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