Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0280.010.00 Work Related Expense

IM-03 January 4, 2018; IM-37 June 17, 2011

Work Related Expense (WRE) payments assist Temporary Assistance (TA) participants by purchasing job-related items so the participant can participate in work activities. WRE payments are paid only when a need is demonstrated. WRE payments are not an entitlement, but rather assistance so TA participants can participate in core and non-core work activities.

The maximum amount of WRE is $750 in a 12-month rolling period. The 12-month rolling period begins immediately upon the first authorized payment of WRE.

If circumstances require additional WRE within the 12-month rolling period, the Supervisor of the Case Manager has the capability of approving up to $1,500 for the 12-month rolling period. The Case Manager shall complete the Work Related Expense Supervisor Approval (Attachment 6A) form and submit to their Manager. A copy of the form shall be kept in the participant’s record. Approval of any amount above $1,500 requires approval from FSD MWA. The contractor will submit the Work Related Expense FSD Approval (Attachment 6B) form and submit to FSD. A copy of the form shall be kept in the participant’s record.

Example: Ms. C. began participating again in work activities on 07/22/14. On 10/25/14, a $700 car repair was provided. On 01/16/15, the participant is in need of a uniform and shoes totaling $125, as this will place Ms. C over the $750 amount that the Case Manager can approve, the WRE Supervisor Approval form will need to be submitted to her supervisor.

Discuss with the recipient the necessity of the expense. Ensure that the recipient has exhausted all other resources before considering WRE. Determine the recipient’s capability to contribute to the expense. Refer to WRE chart (see 0280.010.05 Authorizing WRE Payments) for a list of allowable and unallowable work related expenses.