Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0290.000.00 Sanction

IM-09 January 8, 2018IM-02 January 27, 2014

Unless a participant meets good cause, a temporary exclusion, temporary waiver, or an exemption, FSD must sanction the participant’s Temporary Assistance grant 50% based on the recommendation from the Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) provider.

The following MWA services must be provided to Temporary Assistance (TA) participants who contact the MWA service provider prior to recommending sanction:

  • Help in eliminating barriers to participation, through use of all available resources;
  • Assistance in participating in work activities as soon as possible;
  • Aid in preparing for work or training; and
  • A thorough explanation of the MWA compliance requirements for ending the conciliation/sanction process.

After these services are provided, a sanction must be recommended when policy was followed and the recipient:

  • Does not comply with MWA requirements as outlined in this policy and
  • Does not meet good cause, a temporary exclusion, temporary waiver or an exemption.

The household will receive the reduced grant for up to 10 additional weeks if they remain eligible for TA on all other factors. When the TA benefit has been reduced by 50%, the participant is required to complete 4 consecutive weeks of participation in work activities for a minimum average of 30 hours per week before the sanction can be ended.

After 10 weeks, if the participant continues to be non-compliant, FAMIS sends an adverse action to close the case for a Full Family Sanction.

Per 45 CFR 261.54, Missouri may be penalized for not sanctioning individuals who do not comply with work-related requirements.

NOTE: Refer to the MWA Conciliation/Sanction Checklist in the forms manual to ensure policy is followed.