Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0290.030.00 FSD Imposing Sanctions

IM-02 January 27, 2014IM-37 June 17, 2011

Temporary Assistance (TA) participants are subject to sanction for two reasons: failure to comply with work activities, and failure to comply with child support requirements.  For Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) purposes, the Family Support Division (FSD) only sends the sanction work status (‘SS’) for failure to comply with work activities.  The sanction for failure to comply with child support requirements does not impact MWA and MWA service providers are not notified of this sanction type.  MWA cannot assist participants in resolving child support sanctions; however, the MWA case manager can explain to the participants that s/he needs to contact Child Support Enforcement.  The participant can be sanctioned for both reasons at the same time, but the cash grant is only reduced by 25 percent.  If the participant is sanctioned for both reasons, s/he will have to satisfy the requirements of both sanctions to get the cash grant fully restored.

In certain instances, the sanction may not be imposed by FSD immediately, or at all.  These circumstances include, but are not limited to:

  • The participant meets an exemption or exclusion. The participant’s work status changes to non-mandatory and the MWA System receives a case closure (‘ZZ’).
  • The participant contacts MWA staff or FSD during the 10-day adverse action period in an attempt to stop or delay the sanction.  If MWA is contacted, the local FSD office should be notified immediately so the sanction can be stopped, if appropriate (i.e. entered into a Temporary Waiver by MWA).  Determine with local FSD staff the appropriate “next steps”.
  • The participant requests a hearing on the sanction recommendation.  If the participant requests a hearing, the MWA service provider is notified. Refer to Section 0293.000.00 Hearing Requests.
  • FSD is already in the process of adversely adjusting the TA case when the sanction alert is sent.  The sanction is not acted on until all other adjustments are completed.

The sanctioned individual remains a mandatory participant and is required to participate in employment and training activities.  The MWA case manager must continue attempts to re-engage the individual in work or work-related activities.  The TA participant’s cash grant is reduced based on the sanction until s/he:

  • Complies with MWA work activities for two consecutive weeks;
  • Has good cause for not participating in a work activity;
  • Meets a temporary waiver/exclusion; and/or
  • Meets an exemption.