2004 Memorandums
IM-46    05/18/04




The purpose of this memorandum is to discuss procedures for taking a Temporary Assistance application when a family reapplies after having been closed due to the lifetime limit.  Income Maintenance Memorandum IM-83 dated July 03, 2002, explained the criteria for an extension for hardship and the process of reviewing all cases that are reaching their 60-month lifetime limit.  To be approved after reaching the lifetime limit, the applicant must be eligible for Temporary Assistance and meet an exemption from the 60-month time clock (hereafter in this memorandum referred to as an exemption) or an extension for hardship.  A new review of eligibility for a hardship extension must be completed.

The normal application process will be followed (forms, eligibility, verification, timeframes, etc.), with the addition of the Team Review for extension. Once the application for Temporary Assistance has been requested a Team Review will need to be scheduled in a timely manner to meet application processing time frames.

The process for Team Reviews at application, are the same as Teams Reviews that are utilized in the 60-month process.  As the application process is time limited, the Team Review members must be easily accessible.  To assist in meeting application time frames, the Team Review at application can be made up of only Income Maintenance staff and will have no requirement for an outside individual.   The Team Review must consist of three individuals not counting the participant.  These three individuals may be, but are not limited to, the following:

  • SSCM,
  • Supervisor I or III,
  • County Manager,
  • Representatives of Other Agencies/Departments and
  • Community Partners.


Local FSD offices will accept all applications made for Temporary Assistance.  At the time of screening, ITMI will be run on the parent and second parent to determine total months used in the lifetime limit.  If it is determined that any parent in the household has reached his/her lifetime limit, then the Extension for Hardship Attachment (IM-2EH) pdf file will need to be completed in addition to the:

  • Eligibility Statement (IM-2),
  • 60-Month Review Checklist (IM-360)
  • Extension or Closing Summary (IM-360A).

The IM-2EH attachment asks the applicant to check the box that applies to their family situation.  The choices include exemptions and extension reasons.  This form will be completed by the applicant and becomes a permanent part of the case record.  Staff may assist the applicant with the form if necessary during the interview process.


To be approved after reaching the 60-month lifetime limit, the applicant must meet all eligibility criteria for Temporary Assistance and the criteria for an exemption or extension.  If at any time it is determined Temporary Assistance eligibility does not exist, the review process would stop. 


When the family meets the criteria for an exemption from the sixty (60) month lifetime limit continue to process the application to determine eligibility.  Approve the case if eligibility exists and enter the correct exemption code in Field 13P1 and exemption reason in 13P2 of IMU5.

Reasons for exemption:

    • Payee is 60 years of age or older
    • Teen Parent and Attending School
    • Permanently and Totally Disabled
    • Needed in the Home to Care for a Disabled Individual

NOTE:  Participating in Wage Supplementation is an exemption from the sixty (60) month lifetime limit but is handled by the system and is not entered into the IMU5 system by staff.

If a reason for exemption does not exist explore a hardship extension.


To determine eligibility for an extension complete the 60-Month Review Checklist (IM-360).  Existing policy on extensions introduced in IM-83 dated 07/03/02 remain in effect for applicants.

At the end of the review a recommendation for approval or rejection due to an extension reason will be submitted to the management designee along with the Extension or Closing/Rejection Summary (IM-360A) and any supporting documentation.  If the extension is approved, complete the application process and set up a 90-day review.  If the extension is not approved reject the application.


Follow normal entries for approving an application with the following additions:

Field 13P1       H - Hardship or E - Exemption
Field 13P2       (Appropriate exemption or extension reason)


Follow normal entries for a rejection with the following additions:

Field 5        20 - Reject
Field 7        70 - Reached lifetime limit not eligible for Exemption/Extension

  • Review this memorandum with appropriate staff.
  • Order a supply of the IM-2EH from the warehouse.  Print the attached form until the supply arrives.
  • Immediately begin using the IM-2EH with applicants who have reached their 60-month lifetime limit.
  • Use Team Reviews for all applicants who have reached their 60-month lifetime limit.
  • Make pen and ink changes to add the above form to the Forms Manual Table of Contents.