2004 Memorandums
IM-74      08/13/04
The MC+ Statewide Coalition, with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Covering Kids and Families Initiative, is participating in the national Back-to-School (BTS) 2004 Campaign. A new MC+ for Kids flyer titled Give Your Kids a Healthy Start in School has been produced as a part of the Back-to-School effort to promote enrollment in MC+ and Medicaid. The new BTS 2004 flyer and a more general MC+ poster are being mailed to following agencies as well as other interested parties:
  • County FSD Offices
  • County health departments
  • University Outreach and Extension offices
  • Community Action Agencies and
  • Schools
Attachments include the following documents produced by the MC+ Statewide Coalition: With the exception of the BTS 2004 flyer and the MC+ Poster, these pieces will not be printed. Staff can download the form and make copies if needed.

Staff should expect an increase in inquiries with regard to MC+ and Medicaid as a result of these outreach activities.

  • Review this memorandum with appropriate staff.
  • Post a copy of the flyer and poster in the county office.