2004 Memorandums
IM-75      08/23/04

Since February 2002, the Family Support Division (FSD) has funded production of a flyer for ParentLink, a program designed to link parents with parenting resources to benefit children. FSD child support enforcement offices began distributing the ParentLink flyer in 2002. [Ref: CSE–#4 (2002)] The flyer provides the program's toll–free number and states, “You can ask us anything — your questions are as unique as your children!”

ParentLink — through its toll–free “WarmLine” — places parents in touch with professionals who provide parenting information and resources concerning children from prebirth through the teen years. Also accessible on the Internet, ParentLink information varies, from dealing with a child's special health care needs to the Proud Parents Never–Married Fathers' Project.

FSD staff are encouraged to make the public aware of ParentLink by providing the flyer in office lobbies, as well as in appropriate mailings and during parent in–office visits.

Copies of the flyer are now available through the Department of Social Services' Jefferson City warehouse. Staff designated to place E–store orders should type in the word, “ParentLink,” in the keyword box under search.

FSD staff should direct their questions/comments to their immediate supervisors. Others may contact John R. Mier, Policy Development Unit, Family Support Division, PO Box 2320, Jefferson City, MO 65102–2320 [Telephone: (573) 751–7079; e–mail: ].