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Duplicate Participation Prevention Notice (IM-39DPP)
Duplicate Participation Response Notice (IM-39DPR)



Missouri is a participant in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) NAC pilot program with LexisNexis. The NAC provides a method for participating states to identify SNAP participation in real-time prior to authorizing duplicate benefits. The NAC also alerts the Family Support Division (FSD) to active duplicate SNAP participation.

Implementation will begin the week of 9/27/2021. Near the launch date, all staff members who determine eligibility will receive an email containing information regarding access to the portal. Missouri will be the sixth state in the pilot project, joining Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

NOTE: The success of the NAC pilot resulted in the concept becoming mandatory for all states. The federally mandated version of the NAC is currently in development.

Responses from the NAC are identified as a Match or a Collision:

Match: A participant has applied for benefits in one state and has active SNAP benefits in another state.

Collision: A participant has active SNAP benefits in two states at the same time.

Links for the NAC portal and NAC User Guide are located on the NAC page on the FSD Work Site. The NAC User Guide provides instructions for accessing the portal, interpreting data, and current processes for using the information received.

Policy regarding duplicate participation can be located in SNAP manual section 1105.015.15 Duplicate Participation.

To provide consistent communication with the other states in the NAC pilot two new forms are available:

Utilizing NAC at the time of SNAP application or recertification

The NAC is available to all staff when processing SNAP applications. To prevent duplicate participation, review the NAC for all household members during the application/recertification process when there is an indication that the participant may have recently resided in another participating state. Review the NAC prior to or during the interview so that information can be reviewed with the applicant during the interview.

Matches from other states during the certification period

The Customer Relations Unit will process inquiries received from other states during the certification period.

Use of NAC Portal During the Certification Period

FSD will receive collision reports when the NAC identifies duplicate participation; therefore, it is not necessary to review the NAC at the time of Mid-Certification Review. Collision reports are discussed in 2021 IM Memorandum #100, dated 10/01/2021, National Accuracy Clearinghouse (NAC) Collision Reports.

Add a person requests

Consult the NAC for the individual being added to the active case. Do not consult the NAC for the active SNAP household members because the NAC already reports active duplicate participation on collision reports.

Documentation in the Case Record

Staff must add the NAC search, match, and/or collision results to the participant’s electronic case record in the ECM. Comments regarding the search results and any actions taken must be included in the eligibility system.


Send questions through normal supervisory channels to the SNAP Policy Unit at

Utilize the Request for Interpretation of Policy process for case specific policy clearances.



  • Review this memorandum with appropriate staff.