Children’s Division Memorandums

2015 CD Memos

Number Date Description
CD15-77 12/31/2015 FACES Monthly Newsletter- December 2015 Edition
CD15-76 12/23/2015 Child Abuse/Neglect Definitions
CD15-75 12/22/2015 Protecting Foster Youth From Secondhand Smoke Exposure
CD15-74 12/17/2015 Transitional Child Care Level 3
CD15-73 12/17/2015 Resource Limit for Child Care Subsidy Program
CD15-72 12/16/2015 Pilot Project with Workforce Development Boards
CD15-71 12/14/2015 Chafee Foster Care Independence Program Changes
CD15-70 12/14/2015 NYTD Enhancements for Performance Improvement Plan
CD15-69 11/25/2015 Faces Monthly Newsletter – November 2015 Edition
CD15-68 11/23/2015 Child Care Subsidy Improper Payment Review
CD15-67 10/23/2015 FCCM Payment History
CD15-66 10/19/2015 Quarterly CQI Newsletter, IN FOCUS
CD15-65 10/16/2015 Faces Monthly Newsletter- October 2015 Edition
CD15-64 10/13/2015 Introduction to Human Trafficking and Revised Missing Person Report Procedure
CD15-63 10/01/2015 Secondary Trauma Consultation
CD15-62 09/28/2015 New Genetic Parentage Testing Contract and Updated Regional Contact List
CD15-61 09/18/2015 Required Reading Resource for in-Service Training Credit
CD15-60 09/18/2015 Fiscal Year 2015 Statewide Single Audit for the Child Care Assistance Program
CD15-59 09/02/2015 All About Child Care
CD15-58 09/01/2015 FACES Monthly Newsletter – August 2015 Edition
CD15-57 09/01/2015 Increase in State Maximum Rates for Licensed and Faith Based Child Care Providers
CD15-56 09/01/2015 Increase in Child Care Income Eligibility Guidelines
CD15-55 09/01/2015 Child Care Aware® of Missouri Child Care Resource and Referral Agency
CD15-54 09/01/2015 Requests from the Continuous Quality Improvement Process for Form Revisions
CD15-53 08/31/2015 Bletel Residential Homes, Inc. and Maybletel Center, Inc.
CD15-52 08/31/2015 Senate Bill 341, Children with Problem Sexual Behaviors
CD15-51 08/26/2015 FACES Enhancement – North Carolina Family Assessment Scale for General Services and Reunification (NCFAS G+R)
CD15-50 08/18/2015 Critical Event Response
CD15-49 08/18/2015 2015 Linking Hearts Community Adoption Event
CD15-48 08/18/2015 Missouri Automated Criminal History System Access
CD15-47 08/17/2015 Medical Records Fees
CD15-46 07/23/2015 METP as Valid Child Care Need
CD15-45 07/22/2015 Updated Child Care Subsidy Application (IM-1CC)
CD15-44 07/22/2015 Large Family Resource Homes
CD15-43 07/17/2015 FACES Monthly Newsletter – July 2015 Edition
CD15-42 07/16/2015 Quarterly CQI Newsletter, IN FOCUS
CD15-41 07/13/2015 Changes to Family-Centered Services Training, Children’s Treatment Services (CTS) Contract, and Drug Testing
CD15-40 06/24/2015 FACES Monthly Newsletter – June 2015 Edition
CD15-39 06/19/2015 Pregnancy Help Center serving Lake of the Ozarks dba Haven of Hope Maternity Home
CD15-38 06/17/2015 Twenty-Third Judicial Circuit DBA Susan Nuckols Treatment
CD15-37 06/17/2015 Lives Under Construction Boys Ranch
CD15-36 06/09/2015 Higher Ground Group Home
CD15-35 06/01/2015 Holland House
CD15-34 05/27/2015 Proverb Academy
CD15-33 05/26/2015 Notification of Resource Home Adverse Action, CS-20a
CD15-32 05/21/2015 Protocol When Visiting a Licensed Residential Treatment Agency for Children and Youth
CD15-31 05/21/2015 Engaging with Parents through Case Manager Visits
CD15-30 05/21/2015 Transition and Exit Planning
CD15-29 05/20/2015 FACES Monthly Newsletter – May 2015 Edition
CD15-28 05/18/2015 Service Worker Policy Revisions
CD15-27 05/06/2015 ReMoved and National Foster Care Month
CD15-26 04/30/2015 FACES Enhancements for Call/Case History Search, Case Assignment and Case Management Functions
CD15-25 04/30/2015 Reimbursement to Parent/Resource Parent
CD15-24 04/30/2015 May Is National Foster Care Month
CD15-23 04/29/2015 Farmer Grove Homesteads, Inc
CD15-22 04/30/2015 Supreme Court Decision, State of Missouri Vs. the Honorable Frederick Tucker
CD15-21 04/23/2015 FACES Monthly Newsletter – April 2015 Edition
CD15-20 04/22/2015 Quarterly CQI Newsletter, IN FOCUS
CD15-19 04/20/2015 1220.010.40 Denying an Application Manual Update
CD15-18 04/13/2015 In-Service Training Certificate
CD15-17 03/26/2015 Increase in Child Care Income Eligibility Guidelines
CD15-16 03/24/2015 “What’s It All About? A Guidebook for Youth in Out-of-Home Care”
CD15-15 03/18/2015 FACES Monthly Newsletter- March 2015 Edition
CD15-14 03/17/2015 Child to Provider Relation Form
CD15-13 03/16/2015 FACES Enhancements for Foster Care Case Management (FCCM) and Specialized Care Referrals
CD15-12 02/26/2015 Clinical Supervision Process and Guide
CD15-11 02/17/2015 Introduction to the Nationwide Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance (ICAMA) Worksite/Database
CD15-10 02/06/2015 FACES Monthly Newsletter- February 2015 Edition
CD15-09 01/28/2015 A Higher Ground Group Home
CD15-08 01/28/2015 Child Care Provider Relations Unit and Transition of Child Care Payment Processing to Division of Finance and Administrative Services.
CD15-07 01/26/2015 PERforM Objectives/Competencies
CD15-06 01/23/2015 Authorizing Child Care for 23 Days a Month
CD15-05 01/23/2015 Removal of 20 Hours Per Week Work Requirement for Employment Need
CD15-04 01/23/2015 Verification of Child Care Need and Employment
CD15-03 01/21/2015 Child Abuse and Neglect Review Board (CANRB) Procedural Updates
CD15-02 01/14/2015 Quarterly CQI Newsletter, IN FOCUS
CD15-01 01/05/2015 Therapeutic Foster Care