Children’s Division Memorandums

2016 CD Memos

Number Date Description
CD16-94 12/30/2016 Cayman’s House of Hope, Inc.
CD16-93 12/30/2016 The ARC of the Ozarks
CD16-92 12/30/2016 Niles Home for Children
CD16-91 12/31/2016 Challenge N Change, Inc.
CD16-90 12/30/2016 January 2017 Quarterly CQI Newsletter
CD16-89 12/27/2016 Child Care Subsidy Simplified Reporting
CD16-88 12/27/2016 Child Care Subsidy Manual
CD16-87 12/22/2016 Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standard On-line Training
CD16-86 12/20/2016 Reopening a Resource Home that has a Revocation Status
CD16-85 12/13/2016 Foster Youth Records and Reports for Resource Parents
CD16-84 12/08/2016 Online System for CA/N Reporting (OSCR) and Online Mandated Reporter Training
CD16-83 11/28/2016 FACES Monthly Newsletter – November 2016 Edition
CD16-82 11/08/2016 Interface Screen to Show Child Care Client Claim
CD16-81 11/08/2016 Full time Unit of Care Increase for Child Care
CD16-80 10/27/2016 FACES Monthly Newsletter – October 2016 Edition
CD16-79 10/27/2016 Revision of Consent to Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption Forms
CD16-78 10/18/2016 Adoption and Guardianship As Permanency Options
CD16-77 10/17/2016 Disproportionate Share 2 Rate Differential
CD16-76 10/12/2016 Older Youth Advisor/Advocate Support Identification and Involvement in Case Planning for Older Youth
CD16-75 10/04/2016 October 2016 Quarterly CQI Newsletter, In Focus
CD16-74 09/29/2016 Updated Child Care Subsidy Application (IM-1CC)
CD16-73 09/29/2016 Homeless as a Need for Child Care Subsidy
CD16-72 09/20/2016 FACES Monthly Newsletter – September 2016 Edition
CD16-71 09/14/2016 Reasonable and Prudent Parenting and Normalcy
CD16-70 09/14/2016 Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standard Online Training
CD16-69 09/14/2016 Revision of Child Abuse/Neglect (CA/N) Records Cover Sheet
CD16-68 09/08/2016 Changes in Child Care Authorization
CD16-67 09/08/2016 CD206 Field added to Authorization Details in the FAMIS/FACES Interface
CD16-66 08/31/2016 “What’s It All About? A Guidebook for Youth in Out-of-Home Care” Revisions
CD16-65 08/29/2016 Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standard Policy for Resource Development
CD16-64 08/29/2016 New Procedural Requirements for the Investigations Involving Children Under the Age of Four
CD16-63 08/29/2016 HB1877 Court Requirement to Notify Children’s Division of Court Adjudication of Child Abuse and Neglect
CD16-62 08/23/2016 Residential Subsidy and FCS
CD16-61 08/22/2016 Older Youth Exit Packet and Personal Documentation Checklist
CD16-60 08/22/2016 Missouri Reach Credential Completion and Employment Financial Assistance Program
CD16-59 08/19/2016 Fiscal Year 2016 Statewide Single Audit for the Child Care Subsidy Program
CD16-58 08/16/2016 FACES Monthly Newsletter – August 2016 Edition
CD16-57 08/15/2016 2016 Linking Hearts Community Adoption Event
CD16-56 08/12/2016 New Letter for Child Status Screen
CD16-55 08/10/2016 TD Swanson, Inc. dba Family Matters
CD16-54 08/10/2016 Rocky Creek Youth Ranch
CD16-53 08/04/2016 Changes to the Child Care Online Invoicing System
CD16-52 08/04/2016 Changes to the Child Status (FM3P/CHSTATUS) Screen in FAMIS
CD16-51 08/03/2016 2016 Legislative Session Update
CD16-50 08/03/2016 Revised immigration policy, forms and procedure
CD16-49 08/03/2016 Release of Records When Requested by Child Protective Agencies from Other States
CD16-48 07/27/2016 FACES Monthly Newsletter – July 2016 Edition
CD16-47 07/26/2016 FACES Enhancements for Older Youth Program and NYTD
CD16-46 07/26/2016 Updates to the 2016 Missouri Heart Gallery, The Adoption Exchange and AdoptUSKids Registration Process
CD16-45 07/26/2016 Policy Revisions Associated with Memo CD16-18
CD16-44 07/20/2016 Increase in State Maximum Rates for Licensed and Faith Based Child Care Providers
CD16-43 07/20/2016 New Question Added to Authorization Details Screen in the FAMIS/FACES Interface
CD16-42 07/19/2016 The ARC of the Ozarks
Plymouth Group Home
400 Euclid Ave.
Monett, MO 65708
CD16-41 07/13/2016 Revisions to Child Welfare Manual Section on Research Protections
CD16-40 07/06/2016 July 2016 Quarterly CQI Newsletter, IN FOCUS
CD16-39 07/05/2016 Revised Caregiver Court Information
CD16-38 07/05/2016 Change in Job Search as Valid Need for child Care Subsidy
CD16-37 06/27/2016 Rate Changes for Foster Care and Subsidy Mainteance
CD16-36 06/15/2016 New Children’s Division EForms Webpage
CD16-35 06/10/2016 FACES Monthly Newsletter- June 2016 Edition
CD16-34 06/09/2016 CD206 Field Added to FM3O (CCAUTH) in FAMIS
CD16-33 05/26/2016 Revised Guardianship Subsidy Agreement and Addition of Successor Guardian
CD16-27 05/25/2016 Apple App Store and Requesting New Apps
CD16-32 05/25/2016 Foster Youth Placed in Unlicensed Relative and Kinship Homes
CD16-31 05/19/2016 FACES Monthly Newsletter- May 2016 Edition
CD16-30 05/05/2016 FACES Enhancements and Improvements
CD16-29 05/03/2016 May is National Foster Care Month
CD16-28 04/25/2016 FACES Monthly Newsletter- April 2016 Edition
CD16-26 04/25/2016 April 2016 Quarterly CQI Newsletter, IN FOCUS
CD16-25 04/25/2016 Court Adjudication Central Registry
CD16-24 04/22/2016 Removal of Supervisory Case Review Requirements
CD16-23 04/15/2016 Increase in Child Care Income Eligibility Guidelines
CD16-22 04/11/2016 Residential Treatment Services
CD16-21 04/05/2016 Holland Residential Services – 04/05/16
CD16-20 03/21/2016 Safe-Care Provider Physical Abuse Exams
CD16-19 03/14/2016 FACES Monthly Newsletter- March 2016 Edition
CD16-18 03/14/2016 Licensing of Family Foster Home Rules, 13 CSR 35-60
CD16-17 03/10/2016 Niles Home for Children
CD16-16 03/01/2016 Out of Home Investigations and the Resource Development Worker
CD16-15 03/01/2016 Child to Provider Relation
CD16-14 02/29/2016 Reporting Missing Children to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)
CD16-13 02/29/2016 Medical Records Fees
CD16-12 02/17/2016 Request for Review of Family Support Team or Adoption Staffing Team Decision
CD16-11 02/17/2016 Policy Revisions to the Adoption Staffing Process, Introduction to Agreement for Payment of Litigation Costs in Termination of Parental Rights and Revisions to the Procedures for Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights
CD16-10 02/11/2016 Cayman’s House of Hope, Inc.
CD16-09 02/11/2016 Discontinued Use of the Elevated Needs Level A Forms CS-11 and CS-12
CD16-07 02/05/2016 FACES Monthly Newsletter- January 2016 Edition
CD16-08 02/04/2016 Minimal Essential Coverage Form 1095-B
CD16-06 01/22/2016 Increased Rate Changes for Foster Care and Subsidy Maintenance
CD16-05 01/21/2016
updated 4/22/2016
CA/N Conclusion Summaries; Revisions to the CA/N Disposition Form Letter (CS-21) and Family Assessment Disposition Notification Letter (CS-21a); Changes to the Administrative Review Process
CD16-04 01/21/2016 Addition of Criteria for Preventive Service Referrals for Newborns
CD16-03 01/20/2016 Safe Sleeping Environments for Young Children
CD16-02 01/19/2016 Quarterly CQI Newsletter, IN FOCUS
CD16-01 01/11/2016 Changes to Children’s Treatment Services (CTS)