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Food purchased with Food Stamp benefits is replaced when the food is destroyed due to an Eligibility Unit (EU) misfortune or disaster, such as, but not limited to:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Power outage due to a storm

To be eligible for replacement of food lost due to power outages, the power must be off for a minimum of 4 hours.

NOTE:  Electricity being disconnected by the power company due to non-payment of the utility bill is NOT considered a household misfortune or disaster.

The IM-110 Replacement Request form:

  • Is used to provide the Eligibility Unit a method to request replacement of food purchased with Food Stamp benefits lost due to a household misfortune.
  • Can be completed by a member of the Food Stamp EU or the Authorized Representative.
  • Is used by the Family Support Division to document the decision regarding the request.

The report of the loss may be made by telephone, mail, or in person, however, the IM-110 Replacement Request form must be signed by a member of the EU or an Authorized Representative before processing.

Ask the EU the dollar amount of food lost and the circumstances surrounding the loss. If the determination is that the EU is eligible for a replacement, the Eligibility Specialist (ES) will issue the amount lost not to exceed one month’s allotment. If the issuance to be replaced includes restored benefits, the entire benefit amount is replaced, if appropriate.

NOTE: Do not use ebtEDGE.com to verify the amount of benefits to determine the replacement amount.

If approved, the replacement issuance is entered by the ES using code “REP” on the Payment Maintenance (FM5J) screen. The issuance can be seen on the Payment History (PAYHIST/FM5F) screen in FAMIS.

If a replacement is totally or partially denied the EU has the right to request a fair hearing. However, no replacement can be made while the denial is being appealed.

For replacement decisions made and entered by FSD staff, the original IM-110 must be scanned and indexed following local procedures.

FSD staff notifies the EU of the decision on the IM-112 Action Taken on Your Food Stamp Case form. For assistance in processing a replacement, refer to user guide FOOD STAMP REPLACEMENT.