1105.000.00 Non-financial Eligibility Requirements

1105.010.15 Approval Pending Receipt of Immigrant Documentation

IM-61 June 27, 2007; IM-103 October 4, 2004; IM-56 April 18, 2003; IM-142 November 6, 1998

It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide USCIS documents for verification of immigrant status. Until the acceptable verification is provided, an immigrant is ineligible for food stamp benefits. When the immigrant has provided a copy of a document and FSD submits the documentation to USCIS for verification, FSD cannot deny, delay, reduce, or terminate the individual eligible for food stamp benefits due to immigrant status.

FAMIS allows immigrant applicants at least 10 days to supply verification, up to the 30th day following (if an initial or non-timely application) or until the last day of the certification (for timely reapplications. If there are additional EU members who are eligible for food stamp benefits, the application will be approved for the remaining members the night of the 30th day if the verification is not provided for one of the EU members. If there are not additional EU members or the EU is not eligible without the EU member for whom the verification is needed, the application is rejected the night of the 30th day following application (for initial or non-timely applications) or the night of the last day of the certification.

Enter the individual’s income, resources, and expenses on the appropriate screens in FAMIS. FAMIS counts his/her resources as available to the remaining EU members and counts his/her income and expenses less his/her pro rata share.

If proper documentation is subsequently received, process as a reported change in EU membership.