1105.000.00 Non-financial Eligibility Requirements

1105.015.10 Eligibility Unit Members With an Included (IC) EU Member Role

IM-21 February 21, 2006; IM-140 December 30, 2004; IM-24 March 4, 2002; IM-118 October 5, 1998

There are instances in which an individual resides in an EU, but for reasons listed below are considered “included” but do not have the role of “IN” (individual for whom benefits are requested) in FAMIS. On the Application Detail (FM13) screen, enter “Y” if the individual purchases/prepares food with the EU, “M” if the individual does not purchase/prepare food with the EU but is a mandatory member, and “N” if the individual does not purchase/prepare with the EU. FAMIS makes the determination of the individual’s role and will change the role if benefits are requested for an EU member but s/he is not eligible based on the reasons below.

The individual’s EU member role shows IC (included) in FAMIS. The individual’s income, expenses, and resources are all entered into the system like all other EU members, however FAMIS makes the determination of whether to count the individual’s income, resources, and expense in their entirety, less a pro-rata share, or exclude.

Reasons an EU member will be IC (included), but not IN the EU are:

Consider income and resources of EU members with an IC role as available to the remaining EU members as outlined below. Included (IC) EU members may not participate in the program as separate EUs.