1105.015.00 Eligibility Unit Determination

1105.015.10.25 Failure to Meet the ABAWD Work Requirement

IM-71 August 31, 2023; IM-51 August 31, 2016; IM-32 June 16, 2014; IM-106 December 7, 2006; IM-140 December 30, 2004; IM-192 October 23, 2001

An applicant/participant is not eligible to receive benefits if they do not meet the ABAWD work requirements and have already received 3 non-work months in a 36-month period from any state. Enter information for non-work months and meeting the work requirement into the eligibility system. The eligibility system makes the determination of whether the applicant/participant is meeting the work requirement or is ineligible for benefits from the entries made.

Refer to 1105.035.00 Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWD) Work Requirements for more information.