1105.025.00 Work Requirements

1105.025.50.05 Exemption or Exclusion From Work Registration

IM-71 August 31, 2023; IM-143 December 5, 2005; IM-98 August 31, 2005; IM-103 October 4, 2004

Noncompliance is resolved if the participant meets an exemption or exclusion from work registration.

Note: Refer to 1105.025.05.05 Household Members Exempt From Work Registration or 1105.025.05.15 Household Members Excluded From Work Registration for more information about exemptions or exclusions.

When the participant meets a work registration exemption or exclusion, the appropriate work assessment code and status must be updated in the eligibility system. If the individual is already sanctioned, the sanction must be ended. If the Adverse Action Notice has been sent but has not expired, the sanction can be deleted.

Note: Those participants who failed without good cause to comply with Temporary Assistance work requirements or unemployment compensation requirements must meet another work registration exemption or exclusion to resolve or end their sanction during the time they are in non-compliance with Temporary Assistance or unemployment compensation.

Do not enter the exemption code indicating the non-complying participant is subject to Temporary Assistance work requirements when the sanctioned person continues receiving benefits for other EU members.

If the non-complying member has good cause and the good cause is expected to last less than 60 days, change the work assessment code of the non-complying member to “Individuals who have good cause and the good cause will exist for less than 60 days”, the status to excluded, and Good Cause on the Employment Assessment screen.

Following resolution of the temporary circumstance for non-compliance with work registration activities, change the good cause coding back to mandatory coding and the status to either mandatory or mandatory immediate volunteer. The individual is now able to comply.

If the good cause is expected to last more than 60 days, change the participant’s work assessment code to the appropriate exemption or exclusion code.