1105.025.00 Work Requirements

1105.025.05.05 Household Members Exempt From Work Registration

IM-71 August 31, 2023; IM-53 May 22, 2017; IM-25 March 23, 2017; IM-33 June 24, 2014; IM-19 February 28, 2006; IM-143 December 5, 2005; IM-103 October 4, 2004; IM-09 February 6, 2002; IM-32 April 1, 1999

A household member is exempt from mandatory work registration if they are:

  • Responsible for care of a child in the household under age 6.
    • If the child has their sixth birthday within the certification period, the individual responsible for the care of the child is exempt for this reason until recertification.

Note: If a parent or another household member both claim the responsibility for care of the child under age 6, the actual responsibility is determined by discussion with the applicant. This includes stepparent situations. If there are 2 parents in the home, each with dependent children, both are exempt due to care of their own children.

  • Under age 16.
    • A person becoming age 16 during the certification period, and not exempt, will be work registered at the next application. The eligibility system determines which household members are under age 16 and enters work assessment code.
  • Age 16-18 who is attending school full-time.
  • Age 16 or 17 years old, unless they are the head of the household.
    • 16 to 18 years old that are the economic head of household and not attending school half time or enrolled in a work registration component are mandatory work registrants.
  •  Age 60 years or older.
    • The eligibility system determines which household members are over age 60 and enters work assessment code.
  • Student enrolled at least half time in any recognized secondary, vocational, or technical school, training program, or institution of higher education.
    • Students attending an institution of higher education must meet the eligible student criteria (see 1135.025.10 Eligibility Determination).
    • The eligibility system makes the student determination and enters the exempt code.
  • Working 30 hours or more per week, or receiving weekly earnings equal to the Federal minimum wage times 30 hours.

Note: Teachers, school professionals, and administrative school personnel do not have to register nor be employed during the summer months as long as they meet the above requirements during the school year and continue employment for the next school year.

  • Required to care for ill or incapacitated person.
  • Regularly participating in a substance abuse treatment or rehabilitation program as a resident or non-resident.
  • Disabled on a temporary or permanent basis per the SNAP definition (see 1100.010.00 Definitions). Receipt of temporary or permanent disability benefit from a private source is also acceptable verification.

Note: Denial or closure of the claimant’s Income Maintenance, Social Security, or SSI grant is not sufficient grounds for denial or closure of the household’s SNAP benefits for failure to meet work requirements. The claimant may lose their exemption from work requirements on this basis, and must be offered the opportunity to comply with the work requirements of the SNAP Program.

  • Mentally or physically unable to work, but who is not disabled per SNAP definitions.
    • These are household members who are mentally or physically incapable of engaging in gainful employment. In determining physical or mental incapacity preventing employment, use personal judgment as the primary basis for decision.
    • If the EU member is obviously unable to work, no documentary proof is necessary.

Note: Obtain a medical statement only if the person does not receive disability benefits from a public or private source, and their claim of incapacity is questionable.

      • Advise the household member claiming incapacity that a medical statement may be required from a physician or licensed or certified psychologist.
      • If the EU member cannot furnish a medical statement, the agency may request a medical examination by a designated doctor (the agency will pay for the examination).
  • Subject to or participating in Temporary Assistance work requirement activities.
    • This exemption is given to Temporary Assistance applicants whose SNAP application is approved while the Temporary Assistance application is pending.
    • If the Temporary Assistance application is subsequently rejected, change the work assessment code to the most appropriate code for each household member age 16 to 60.
  • Receiving Unemployment Compensation/Insurance.
    • This includes persons who have applied for but are not yet receiving benefits.
    • This person must be required to register for work as part of the unemployment compensation insurance application process.

Individuals who are over age 15 and under age, 60 who do not meet an exemption are mandatory to comply with work requirements.

Note: These individuals may volunteer to participate in SkillUP. If they volunteer, enter the code to show they are a volunteer with a status of exempt immediate volunteer on the Employment Assessment screen in the eligibility system.