1105.000.00 Non-financial Eligibility Requirements

1105.035.25 Definition of Work and Training

IM-53 August 9, 2018; IM-94 October 19, 2015; IM-32 June 16, 2014; IM-89 September 12, 2007; IM-106 December 7, 2006; IM-133 December 21, 2004; IM-194 October 24, 2001; IM-32 April 1, 1999

The FSD can verify work and/or training for the below:

Work is defined as:

  • Unsubsidized Employment
    • Is work with earnings provided by an employer who does not receive a subsidy for the creation and maintenance of the employment position.
    • Self-employment activities include individuals who have earned income.
  • Unpaid (volunteer or in-kind)
    • A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.
  • In Kind Work
    • Is receiving goods or services instead of money.

Training is defined as:

  • Vocational Training
      • Improves the employability of participants by providing training in a skill or trade allowing the participant to move directly into employment.
  • Education
      • An educational program or activities to improve basic skills and increase employability.

NOTE: The SkillUP contractor will have additional services available to ABAWDs for fulfilling training/work requirements.

The hours worked must be included in the verification. If the ABAWD is self-employed, the verification of self-employment must include the number of hours worked.