Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1125.017.00 Mail-In or Faxed Applications

IM-165 November 27, 2019; IM-72 May 2, 2019; IM-57 May 30, 2017; IM-21 March 14, 2012; IM-62 October 18, 2011; IM-50 June 4, 2007

When an application is received by mail or faxed, date stamp the application the day it is received. If the application is received on a holiday/weekend, the date of application is the first working day after the holiday/weekend. If the application is received during the business week but after normal working hours, it is dated the next business day.

Date stamp all mailed or faxed applications when received. Register the application and flow to the FAMIS Food Stamp Interview (FM1B) screen. FAMIS system defaults to “Do you need to schedule an interview? “Y” and the type of interview “OND”. FAMIS sends the EU an FA-334 Appointment Letter in the overnight batch.

Contact the EU by phone the same day the mail-in application is received. If the applicant can be reached, review the EU’s rights and responsibilities (1120.005.10 Explanation of Rights and Responsibilities) and interview the applicant completing the controlled flow, including screening for expedited eligibility. If the EU fails to complete the interview within 5 calendar days from the application date, FAMIS sends the EU an FA-335 Notice of Missed Interview, and notifies the EU that they must reschedule the interview by the 30th day following the application date.

The date of discovery is the date the application is received or determined to be expedite eligible.

Enter the date of discovery on the Action Authorization (FM3H) prior to authorizing the APEX action. Refer to the SNAP Expedited Service guide for assistance on entering the date of discovery date.

EXAMPLE: Mrs. B mailed in her Food Stamp application and it was received by the agency on 5/1. Mrs. B listed on the application that she earns $300 weekly from the local supermarket. Mrs. B completes the interview on 5/4. During the interview, she told the ES that she was let go on 4/28, at which time she was given her final check of $300. Enter 5/4 as the date of discovery on the Action Authorization (FM3H) screen. Record the information regarding the date of discovery on the comment screen from the Action Authorization (FM3H) screen.