1130.000.00 Certification Procedures

1130.015.05 Timely Recertifications

IM-26 March 19, 2004; IM-176 September 26, 2001; IM-52 March 23, 2000

To be considered a timely application for recertification, the following conditions must be met:

  • EUs certified for one month or certified for two months in the second month of certification must reapply within 17 calendar days from the date of the Notice of Expiration sent by FAMIS (see 1130.030.20 Notice of Expiration (NOE)); or
  • EUs certified for two months in the first month of certification, or certified for three months or longer, must submit an¬†application by the 15th day of the last month of the certification period (see 1120.000.00 Application Process). These EUs receive a Notice of Expiration generated by FAMIS on the 15th day of the second to last month of certification. An FS-1, Application for Food Stamp Benefits, and IM-31F, Instructions for Making your Food Stamp Application and Food Stamp Rights, form are sent with the automated Notice of Expiration (see 1130.030.20 Notice of Expiration (NOE)).

NOTE: For EUs consisting of SSI applicants/ recipients applying for FS recertification at SSA, consider the application date timely if the appropriate filing deadline is met. Consider an application filed when SSA receives a signed application.