Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1150.000.00 Replacement Issuances

IM-#68 October 18, 2010,  IM-#63 August 31, 2009,  IM-#80 August 28, 2006,  IM-#103 October 4, 2004,  IM-#38 March 26, 2002,  IM-#87 June 29, 1999

Food stamp benefits are replaced when EU timely reports:

  • Food Stamp benefits are used by an individual without the EU’s permission after the EBT card is reported as lost or stolen;
  • the EBT card and personal identification number (PIN) are stolen prior to receipt and benefits are lost;
  • Food Stamp benefits are accessed by an individual without the EU’s permission using a manual voucher transaction; or
  • food purchased with Food Stamp benefits is destroyed in an EU misfortune.

Food stamp benefits are not replaced when:

  • Food Stamp benefits on the EBT card are used by anyone residing with or visiting the EU;
  • benefits are lost prior to the report of a lost or stolen EBT card after receipt of the EBT card;
  • available documentation indicates the EU’s request appears to be fraudulent;
  • the request for replacement is not made timely; or
  • there is no verification of an EU misfortune.

The report of the loss may be made by telephone, mail, or in person, however a member of the EU or an Authorized Representative must sign the IM-110 Replacement Request form before processing.

To be considered a timely request, the EU or its authorized representative must report the loss of benefits or food within ten days of the loss. The ten-day deadline to report the loss of food purchased with Food Stamp benefits is calculated from the date the loss first occurred. If the ten-day time period has passed, continue to accept requests for replacement. The IM-110 Replacement Request form must be completed within ten days of reporting the loss. The form is considered timely if the tenth day falls on a weekend or holiday and the form is received the day after the weekend or holiday.

EXAMPLE: Mr. A’s house burned on August 1 and he lost all his food. Mr. A has until August 11 to report the loss of the food. Mr. A reported the loss on August 10. He has until August 20 to complete the IM-110 form to be considered a timely request.

NOTE: If the 10th day falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is extended to the next business day.

Before issuing a replacement benefit, check the Payment History (FM5F) screen for a replacement issuance to avoid duplicate issuance. If a replacement has been issued to the EU, a second request may be made if the EU has discovered an additional loss exceeding the original request. The total replacement cannot exceed one month’s benefits. If the EU has completed more than one request contact the EU to determine the total amount of the loss. If two replacement requests are made for the same loss, deny the second request. Notify the EU of each decision by sending an IM-112 Action Taken on Your Food Stamp Case.

Replacement issuances must be provided to households within ten days of reporting the loss or within two days of receiving the completed and signed IM-110 Replacement Request, whichever date is later.

Replacements are limited to two replacements in six months for Food Stamp benefits lost from an EBT account. There is no limit on the number of replacements for loss of food purchased with Food Stamp benefits which was destroyed in an EU misfortune.