Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1150.000.00 Replacement Issuances

IM-87 October 17, 2023; IM-34 April 14, 2023; IM-62 May 24, 2022; IM-68 October 18, 2010; IM-63 August 31, 2009; IM-80 August 28, 2006; IM-103 October 4, 2004; IM-38 March 26, 2002; IM-87 June 29, 1999

SNAP benefits are replaced when an adult included in the SNAP household or authorized representative timely reports:

  • SNAP benefits are used by an individual without the household’s permission after the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card is reported as lost or stolen;
  • the EBT card is stolen prior to receipt and benefits are lost;
  • SNAP benefits are accessed by an individual without the household’s permission using a manual voucher transaction;
  • Food purchased with SNAP benefits is destroyed in a household misfortune; or
  • SNAP Electronically Stolen Benefits (ESB) are virtually and/or electronically stolen from the EBT card while the card was in the participant’s possession and their Personal Identification Number (PIN) was secure.

SNAP benefits are not replaced when:

  • SNAP benefits on the EBT card are used by anyone residing in or visiting the household.
  • Benefits are lost prior to the report of a lost or stolen EBT card after receipt of the EBT card.
  • Available documentation indicates the household’s request appears to be fraudulent.
  • The request for replacement is not made timely.
  • There is no verification of a household misfortune.
  • FSD is not able to validate the claim of fraudulent activity, ESB only.  
  • The household already received the maximum of 2 replacement issuances during the current Federal Fiscal Year (FFY), ESB only.
  • The report of theft was more than 30 days after the household discovered it, ESB only.
  • The household claim of theft does not fall into the allowable replacement timeframe of October 1, 2022 –September 30, 2024, ESB only.
  • The IM-110 or IM-111 was not received complete and signed by an adult SNAP household member within 10 days of the reported theft.

The report of the loss may be made by telephone, fax, and mail, DSS Chat or FSD Upload Portal .

The IM-110 Replacement Request or IM-111 Electronically Stolen Benefit Replacement Request must be completed and signed by an adult participant of the SNAP household or an Authorized Representative before processing.

Before issuing a replacement benefit, check the household’s payment history in the eligibility system for a replacement issuance to avoid duplication. If a replacement has been issued to the household, a second request may be made if the household has discovered an additional loss exceeding the original request.