Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1150.010.00 Food Purchased With SNAP Benefits Lost in a Household Misfortune

IM-87 October 17, 2023; IM-62 May 24, 2022; IM-37 June 27, 2014; IM-68 October 18, 2010; IM-63 August 31, 2009; IM-09 January 30, 2008; IM-80 August 28, 2006

Food purchased with SNAP benefits is replaced when the food is destroyed due to a household misfortune. Household misfortune includes the following:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Loss of electricity through no fault of the participant (4 hours or more)
  • Equipment failure through no fault of the participant (i.e. refrigerator/freezer/breaker box) (4 hours or more)
  • Other household misfortune caused by reasons beyond the participant’s control.

Note:  Electricity disconnected by the power company due to non-payment of the utility bill or scheduled maintenance is NOT considered a household misfortune.

The IM-110 Replacement Request form:

  • Used to document the destruction or loss of food due to a household misfortune.
  • Must be completed and signed by an adult participant of the SNAP household or the Authorized Representative prior to processing a replacement.

Verification of the Loss

Verification may be a combination of, but not limited to:

  • Documentation of power outage to include date and time participant was without power and when power was restored
    • Contact power company if participant does not have documentation
  • Receipt for purchase of new equipment
  • Signed statement from Landlord regarding fire or flood or replacing of equipment
  • Statement from local law enforcement, fire department, an insurance agent, or Red Cross
  • Repair or clean up receipts
  • Collateral contact

Request clarification if verification provided is questionable. If applicable, discuss with the SNAP household the dollar amount and circumstances surrounding the food that was lost or destroyed.  FSD can only replace what the SNAP household actually lost.

Multiple Requests

SNAP Participants can have multiple “household misfortunes”. Benefits can be replaced for each household misfortune, but the dollar amount replaced for each misfortune cannot exceed the total of 1 monthly allotment for the household.  

Staff should replace the monthly allotment received prior to the date of the misfortune.

Example: Participant receives their allotment on the 15th of each month; the misfortune happened on August 20, the allotment replaced is August 15. Had the misfortune occurred on the 1st, the allotment replaced would be the July 15 allotment.

When a participant claims multiple household misfortunes within 30 days, staff MUST:

  • look at the monthly allotment amount,
  • look at the participant’s normal day to receive benefits,
  • determine the amount of SNAP benefits that have already been used between the first replacement and the next requested replacement.

When able to determine a replacement amount, the IM-110 can be approved for the amount requested or a partial amount, as long as it does not exceed 1 month’s allotment amount and it is actually, what the participant lost.

  • If staff are unable to determine an amount, staff MUST reach out (phone or request for contact) to discuss the amount of food that was lost due to the misfortune. If a request for contact is sent, allow 10 days for the participant’s response. If contact is not made by the participant, reject the IM-110 benefit replacement request.

The IM-112RB Action Taken on your Request for Replacement Benefits form:

  • Is used to notify the SNAP household of the decision to approve or deny replacement benefits.
  • Notifies the SNAP household of the right to request a fair hearing.
    • No replacement can be made while a denial is being appealed.

If the household has completed more than 1 request, contact the household to determine the total amount of the loss. If 2 replacement requests are made for the same loss, deny the second request. Notify the household of each decision by sending the IM-112RB Action Taken on Your Request for Replacement Benefits.


A timely request is an adult participant of the SNAP household or its authorized representative reporting the destruction/loss of food within 10 days of the loss.

  • The 10-day deadline to report the loss of food purchased with SNAP benefits is calculated from the date the loss first occurred.
  • If the 10-day time period has passed, continue to accept requests for replacement.
  • The IM-110 Replacement Request must be completed and signed within 10 days of reporting the loss.
    • The form is considered timely if the 10th day falls on a weekend or holiday and the form is received the next business day after the weekend or holiday.

Replacement issuances must be provided to households within 10 days of reporting the loss, or within 2 days of receiving the completed and signed IM-110 Replacement Request, whichever is later.