0160.000.00 The IRS Match

0160.015.05 Request a System-Generated IEV-06 and IM-6 Letter(s)

IM-109 July 16, 2020; IM-29 April 9, 2015; IM-04 January 13, 2012

Step 1.

After viewing all available unearned income information, use the first IIRS screen to request system generated IEV-06/IM-6 letters.

Step 2.

Type 6 in the space(s) to the left of the case ID for each case needing an IEV-06/IM-6 letter. The IEV-06 letter contains each type of assistance selected. The IIRS screen displays the date the IEV-06/IM-6 letter was requested at the right of the screen following the individual status after the Enter key is pressed.

Step 3.

A second page listing all incomes for the individual displays. This page lists the participant’s DCN, name, SSN, and SSN verification code at the top. All sources of income are then listed showing the income source (payer), tax year, amount, and type for each source.

Step 4.

The pay county number and load number to be printed on the IEV-06 and IM-6 letters will default to the selected county unless it is one of the selected specialized offices and their numbers will appear on the forms when generated.

Step 5.

Select the unearned income(s) to be printed on the IEV-06/IM-6 letters by typing X in the space to the left of the participant’s name. Even if only one participant is listed, it is necessary to type the X in order to generate the letters.

Press Enter. The system generates and sends one IEV-06 letter listing all the types of assistance and all the unearned incomes selected. Along with the IEV-06, the system generates a separate IM-6 letter for each type of unearned income selected. A return envelope is included for the participant to return the completed IM-6 letter(s).

There is a maximum of three unearned incomes per IEV-06/IM-6 letters. If more than three unearned income types are selected, the system sends additional IEV-06/IM-6 letters.

Only nine unearned incomes may be selected per transaction. If it is necessary to request IEV-06/IM-6 letters for more than nine unearned incomes, select the first nine, then in a separate transaction, request the next nine until all incomes have been selected.

Copies of the IEV-06 letter and the IM-6 letters are sent to the eligibility specialist for tracking purposes. Copies are received in a brown envelope marked confidential and are sent through state mail. Upon receiving the copies of the IEV-06 and IM-6s, they must be logged on the IRS Notice Log with the date of receipt, participant’s DCN, and type of letter received. The log must be kept in a locked cabinet.


When the IM-6 is returned by the participant, staff must log the date of return on the IRS Notice Log. This is a generic request for information form that can be filed in the electronic case record. Some offices generate an FA-325 request for information and an FA-310 employer information release form in the eligibility system for tracking purposes. When the IM-6 is destroyed, staff must also log the date and method of destruction on the IRS Notice Log. If the participant returns the form in person to an office other than the selected offices, the form information must still be logged on the IRS Notice Log and kept in a locked cabinet.

The forms will be mailed to the corresponding office printed on the IEV-06/IM-6 that is responsible for completing the transaction. The forms should be placed in an envelope marked confidential and mailed. The mailing office should document all necessary information including the day it was mailed on the IRS Notice Log. DO NOT DOCUMENT ANY INFORMATION IN THE ELECTRONIC CASE RECORD OR ITRACKRs. DO NOT SCAN ANY OF THIS INFORMATION TO THE ECM.

If the participant does not return the requested information, use the IRS Notice Log to document the date the information was requested and the date the IEV-80/IM-80 was generated. These forms are adverse action notices which do not contain any IRS information and can be filed in the electronic case record.