Verification Requirements Manual (for MO HealthNet & Adult Cash Assistance Programs)

0110.060.00 Electronic Verification System (EVS)

IM-20 April 1, 2024; IM-42 April 28, 2023; IM-165 December 9, 2020

The Electronic Verification System (EVS) is a collection of electronic data sources used by the Family Support Division (FSD) to get information for public assistance programs’ eligibility determinations.

EVS can provide information including, but not limited to:

  • Earned and Unearned Income Information
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Medicare Information
  • Identity
  • Birth and Death
  • Incarceration Status
  • Receipt of Out-of-State Public Assistance
  • Asset Information Including but not Limited to:
    • Accounts held in banking institutions
    • Real and Personal Property

Not all EVS sources are used for all programs. Refer to manual section 0110.060.10 Use of Electronic Verification System Sources regarding when each source should be reviewed.

Sources of electronic data:

  • IMES: Provides information regarding wages reported to the Missouri Employment Security office and Unemployment Compensation benefits.
  • IIVE – SVES-Wire Third Party Query: Provides information regarding benefits administered by the Social Security Administration and Medicare eligibility dates.
  • Missouri Automated Child Support System (MACSS): Provides information regarding Child Support payments made and received.
  • Accuity: Provides information regarding liquid assets such as bank accounts.  Utilize this source for Non-MAGI MO HealthNet programs.
  • Accurint for Government Eligibility (AfGE): Provides information regarding real property, personal property, incarceration, and death.
  • National Accuracy Clearinghouse (NAC): Provides information regarding duplicate Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participation in other states.
  • Verification of Earnings (VOE): An electronic data source that provides information regarding earned income.
  • Federal Data Hub: Administered by a federal partner for the MAGI MO HealthNet program and provides eligibility information from sources such as Social Security Administration and The Work Number by Equifax.  NOTE:  While some states use IRS information from the hub, Missouri currently does not. IRS information cannot be printed, saved, or stored. Refer to manual section 1805.000.02 Federal Hub Calls for more information.

Insights Engine is a data gathering system designed to streamline data collection from multiple electronic verification sources and FSD’s eligibility systems.