Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0290.040.00 Re-engagement Process

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Sanctioned Temporary Assistance (TA) participants have a mandatory work status and are included in the work participation rate after the first three months of non-participation (if not sanctioned for any three months within the preceding 12 months).  These individuals must be served.

Sanctioned recipients require an approach to case management different from recipients who are participating.

Re-engagement consists of a series of contacts to encourage the TA participant to comply with the Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) program.  When a sanctioned individual is referred to the MWA service provider, or the participant becomes sanctioned after the referral, the re-engagement process must begin immediately.  A sanctioned individual may agree to comply with work activities at any time and he/she must be given the opportunity.  The re-engagement process does not end while the mandatory participant is in sanctioned status.

Re-engagement should include various types of contacts with the TA participant at least once a month.  MWA case managers are encouraged to develop re-engagement plans that include processes to connect and motivate sanctioned individuals.

Example:   The MWA case manager may enlist the assistance of community groups or advocacy organizations.

The sanctioned individual is sent a re-engagement letter that states the reason for the letter and how the recipient may begin to comply with MWA.  If the participant responds to the first re-engagement letter:

  • Explain the appropriate actions for compliance; and
  • Update the Individual Employment Plan (IEP) to reflect the mutually agreed upon activities and any new or changed information.

The alert to lift sanction is sent only after the TA participant has complied with the work requirements of MWA.  Send the alert to lift the sanction when:

  • a TA participant that has never responded to the Call In Letter completes the assessment and IEP and participates the required hours for two consecutive weeks and provides any requested documentation; or
  • the TA participant has participated in work activities for the required hours for two consecutive weeks and provides any requested documentation; or
  • the TA participant meets good cause.

NOTE: The above rules for recommending a sanction be lifted remain the same; regardless of how many times the TA participant has been sanctioned.

All TA recipients are required to participate for two consecutive weeks to lift the sanction and should be placed into ‘MWA Trial Participation’ and the appropriate work activity in the MWA System.

After the sanction has been lifted, the TA recipient’s work status changes to mandatory (DD) instead of sanctioned (SS) on the Temporary Assistance Information screen in the MWA System.

If the recipient does not respond to the first re-engagement letter:

  • The MWA case manager sends the re-engagement letter every 30 days until:
    • The recipient agrees to comply with MWA;
    • The case goes inactive for any reason (i.e.: the individual meets a temporary exclusion/waiver or exemption); or
    • The recipient reaches the 60-month lifetime limit and the TA case is closed.

If the TA participant moves out of the MWA service provider’s area, the MWA case manager should initiate a case file transfer to the appropriate MWA service provider.  If the case file transfer request has not been accepted within two weeks of request, contact the appropriate MWA service provider.  The service provider displayed in the MWA System is responsible for sending the re-engagement letter to the participant.