2004 Memorandums
IM-55      06/09/04
E-MAIL IM-133, 06/30/03;
E-MAIL IM-149, 10/31/02;
IM-84, 07/08/02;
IM-103, 08/19/02;
IM-96, 06/22/00;
IM-130, 09/21/99

This memo is to introduce enhancements to the web-based time study application. Many of the enhancements discussed below are the result of comments and suggestions by field staff to improve the web-based time study process.

In addition to the enhancements and cosmetic changes to the time study application this memo will also provide tips to help staff avoid common errors and mistakes made during the entry phase. This memo will cover the following topics:

  1. New Enhancements
  2. Helpful Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes
  3. Necessary Action
I. New Enhancements:
  • A new reason has been added to the “Reasons for Not completing the Time Study form. Only complete if conditions below occur for date of response.” The new reason is: “Administrative Leave with Pay (Bereavement Leave, Promotional Interviews, Voting, etc.” ;
  • “Date of Response” has been changed to “Date Due” ;
  • “Date Due” will now default to the current date for Month, Day, and Year;
  • “Time Study Reports” have been updated to reflect statistical information by “Region” instead of “Area” ;
  • “Report Archive” has been added to the IM Reports menu. This gives managers the ability to review data compiled by Area Office rather than the new Region format. Note: These reports will only be available for one year from the date of implementation;
  • The “Q Code” (Energy Assistance) has been changed to return an error message when selected. The error message states the following: “WARNING! You have selected a code that is no longer a part of FSD field operations, please select another code. If you feel you have received this warning in error, please contact the Time Study Coordinator.”
II. Helpful Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes:
  • All staff are encouraged to read the memo history (see above) to become familiar with the steps required complete the online time study;
  • Use the Internet Explorer browser rather than Netscape to complete the time study. The time study application does not function properly within the Netscape environment;
  • “Date Due” corresponds to the date you were requested to complete the time study not the date you are entering it;
  • Print the code sheet and use it to track activities for the day. Enter information from the code sheet into the time study application at either the end of the work day, or the next business day. If out of the office on vacation, sick, or extended leave during the time a time study was to be completed, please complete upon returning to work;
  • An entry is required in each time slot of the template. Failure to do so will result in an error;
  • Supervisory staff are encouraged to use the “Time Study Reports” function to ensure staff complete and enter time studies in a timely fashion;
  • If an error message is received when attempting to enter the time study it is necessary to click the “Reset” button before another attempt can be made. Failure to do so will result in one not being able to select an “End Time” from the work hours field.
  • You can access the time study template through the FSD employee Intranet  or by manually typing the following URL in the address field of the Internet Explorer browser: http://dsswebapp/fsd/imtstudy/index.htm
It is the goal of central office to continue to make improvements and to streamline tasks whenever possible to more effectively assist field staff in the performance of their jobs. Please direct all questions to Danny Moritz at 573-522-2314 or by E-Mail at .
  • Share with appropriate staff
  • All staff should review the memo history to avoid common mistakes associated with the completion of the time study
  • Contact Danny Moritz with questions.