2005 Memorandums
IM-111      09/15/05




Effective immediately, the following Enhanced Evacuee Policy is in addition to the current evacuee policy in place. The Enhanced Evacuee Policy provides a one-month maximum food stamp benefit for an evacuee EU who applies in August, September, or October. Eligibility is based solely on evacuee status for the first month. After the first month, the current evacuee policy outlined in Memorandum IM-#100, Memorandum IM-#105, Memorandum IM-#107, Memorandum IM-#109, Email Memorandum IM-#118, and Email Memorandum IM-#125 applies.

For the first month of application, the following rules apply to an individual making an application for food stamp benefits from one of the affected counties or parishes. This policy is effective for applications through October 31, 2005.

NOTE: An individual/EU can be eligible under the Enhanced Evacuee Policy for the first month, but not eligible to receive food stamp benefits under the current evacuee policy for subsequent months.
EXAMPLE: Mr. A applies for food stamp benefits on September 15, 2005, and is an evacuee from an affected parish in Louisiana. Mr. A is a full-time student and does not meet eligible student criteria. Mr. A is eligible to receive the full allotment for a one person EU in September, but is ineligible to receive benefits in October due to his student status.

To implement this policy, take the following actions:

NOTE: If you do not wait until the next day to complete the WIBCA, the benefits from WIBCA will not be issued. The WIBCA will be reset and will be for a lower amount (the difference between the amount issued and the maximum allotment). An alert is sent to the worker to reauthorize the WIBCA payment.

Do NOT use zero income, zero resources, or zero expenses in the controlled flow to implement the Enhanced Evacuee Policy, unless that is the EU's current situation. Entering information that is not the EU's current situation will cause applications for other types of assistance to be incorrectly determined.

Current Evacuee Policy

Continue to follow current evacuee policy in Memorandum IM-#100, Memorandum IM-#105, Memorandum IM-#107, Memorandum IM-#109, Email Memorandum IM-#118, and Email Memorandum IM-#125 for the current evacuee policy that applies for the remainder of the certification period.

Cases Certified Prior to Implementation

The Enhanced Evacuee Policy is retroactive to August 29, 2005. FAMIS will run a one-time program to issue supplemental benefits for cases certified prior to the implementation of this policy that are coded with living arrangement code ND. Once the one-time program is run, Program and Policy staff will monitor the cases identified with code ND to ensure the additional benefits were issued.

Program and Policy staff may be contacting county offices for additional information on the cases.

If an evacuee EU was rejected prior to implementation of this policy, and the EU was not identified as an ND, county staff will need to identify the EU and issue supplemental benefits to the EU. Follow the procedures above for rejected EUs in completing the WIBCA.



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