Section 9, Chapter 1 (Foster Care Missouri Revised Statutes)

This chapter focuses on Missouri Revised Statute Chapter 210 and Chapter 211 regarding foster care.

General Provisions for Child Safety

Chapter 210.001 Department of Social Services meets the needs of homeless, dependent and neglected children


Child Abuse

Chapter 210.108 Dominic James Memorial Foster Care Reform Act

Chapter 210.112 Contractors

Chapter 210.117 Child not reunited with parents or placed in a home with certain criminal offenses  

Chapter 210.122 Voluntary Placement Agreements

Chapter 210.125 Protective Custody  

Chapter 210.127 Diligent Search for Parents

Chapter 210.147  Confidentiality of Family Support Team Meetings

Chapter 210.165 Penalty for violation of 210.110 through 210.165

Chapters 210.170, 210.171, 210.172, 210.173 Children’s Trust Fund 

Chapter 210.305 Grandparent preferred placement

Chapter 210.180 Division Employees Training


Grandparent Placement

Chapter 210.305 Grandparent preferred placement


Homes For Children — Foster Homes — Child Placing Agencies— Licensing

Chapter 210.481 Definitions for Foster Homes and Child Placing Agencies

Chapter 210.482 Background Checks for Emergency Placements

Chapter 210.536 Cost of foster care paid by parents

Chapter 210.560 KIDS accounts 

Chapter 210.565 Relatives first consideration for placements


Interstate Compact For Placement of Children (ICPC)

Chapters 210.570 Text of the Compact

Chapter 210.580 When the Compact is binding

Chapter 210.590 Courts and Agencies to Promote the Compact

Chapter 210.620 Compact enacted

Chapter 210.622 Emergency Placement of Abused or Neglected Children Across State lines

Chapter 210.625 Financial Responsibility

Chapter 210.630 Definitions

Chapter 210.635 Placement Authority of Courts, Retention of Jurisdiction

Chapter 210.640 Placement from Nonparty States 

Chapter 210.650 Contingent Effective Date


Children in Foster Care

Chapters 210.660 and 210.665 Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standard

Chapter 210.670 Case Plans

Chapter 210.675 Another Permanent Living Arrangement Plan


Court Review

Chapter 210.760 Removal process

Chapter 210.762 Family Support Team Meetings

Chapter 210.764 Child’s case record available to parent


Community Services Children’s Fund

Chapters 210.860 and 210.861 Community Children’s Fund


Coordination Information System, Tracking Of Individual Children

Chapter 210.865 Confidentiality of Court and CD records


Incarcerated Parents And Their Children

Chapters 210.875 and 210.877 Incarcerated Parents


Safe Place for Newborns 

Chapter 210.950 Safe Place for Newborns


Safe Place for Newborns

 Chapter 210.1007 Unsafe Children’s Products


Unsafe Children’s Products

Chapter 210.1007 Unsafe Children’s Products


Amber Alert System

Chapter 210.1012 False Reporting Penalty

Chapter 210.1014 Oversight Committee



Chapter 210.1050 Education for Foster Children



Chapter 453.350 Higher Education Visit for Certain Foster Children and Youth in Division of Youth Services Program Required – Cost Reimbursement, When