Section 9, Chapter 3 (Child Care Missouri Revised Statutes)

This chapter focuses on Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 210 regarding Child Care.

Chapter 210.201 Definitions

Chapter 210.203 Complaints against child care facilities

Chapter 210.211 License required – exceptions

Chapter 210.215 Access during normal hours

Chapter 210.223 Safe Sleep

Chapter 210.231 DHSS delegation of power

Chapter 210.241 Judicial Review

Chapter 210.245 Violations and penalties

Chapter 210.252 Inspections

Chapter 210.254 Religious facilities exemption

Chapter 210.255 Religious facilities in violation

Chapter 210.256 Penalties for Violations of 210.252 through 210.255

Chapter 210.258 Religious facilities curriculum

Chapter 210.259 Non-religious facility on religious property

Chapter 210.275 Child care on School property

Chapter 210.278 Neighborhood youth development programs shall be exempt from the child care licensing provisions under this chapter so long as the program meets the specific requirements: