Section 9, Chapter 8 (Child Abuse and Neglect Missouri Revised Statutes)

This chapter focuses on Missouri Revised Statute Chapter 210 regarding child abuse and neglect, CAN.

Chapter 210.108 Domenic James Memorial Foster Care Reform Act

Chapter 210.109 Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry

Chapter 210.110 Definitions

Chapter 210.115 Child Abuse and Neglect Reports

Chapter 210.120 Medical Institution Staff

Chapter 210.130 Oral Reports

Chapter 210.145 Hotline Protocols

Chapter 210.148 Juveniles with problem sexual behaviors

Chapter 210.152 Reports of Abuse or Neglect

Chapter 210.153 Child Abuse and Neglect Review Board

Chapter 210.154 Task Force on the prevention of infant abuse and neglect

Chapter 210.166 Medical Neglect report

Chapter 210.167 Compulsory School Attendance

Chapter 210.183 Alleged Perpetrator Notification

Chapter 210.187 Task Force on Children’s justice

Chapter 210.192 Child Fatality Review Panel

Chapter 210.194 Suspicious Deaths

Chapter 210.195 State Technical Assistance Team

Chapter 210.196 Hospitals and physicians, rules authorized for protocol and identifying suspicious deaths — child death pathologist, qualification, certification — rules, procedure — records, disclosure.