1802.000.00 Applications

1802.020.30 Signing by an Authorized Representative

IM-103 July 11, 2022; IM-102 July 22, 2019; IM-32 March 6, 2019; IM-134 November 14, 2017

If the participant has appointed an authorized representative, either the participant or the authorized representative can sign and complete the application.

NOTE: A participant, age 18 or older, or a minor who meets the criteria to apply on their own behalf, may designate an authorized representative at any time to assist them in completing the application process. See 1802.020.00 Signing the Application for a list of conditions that allow minors to apply on their own behalf.

The authorized representative may sign the application form and answer any necessary questions during the application process. If further information or documentation is needed, provide a Request for Information form to the participant, and provide a copy of the form to the authorized representative.

An authorized representative cannot sign releases of information (such an Authorization for Disclosure of Consumer Medical/Health Information). The authorized representative can assist with obtaining any signed releases as part of the application process.

NOTE: An authorized representative may not file an application after the death of the participant. However, the authorized representative may assist with an existing application filed prior to the death of the participant and until the conclusion of any hearing, as provided in 13 CSR 40-2.015.