1110.000.00 Resources

1110.020.40 Pension and Savings Plans

IM-96 October 26, 2015; IM-68 September 3, 2008; IM-20 March 2, 2007; IM-114 November 5, 2004; IM-125 August 25, 2000

The following resources are excluded, however the cash value must be entered on the Liquid Resource (FMW0) screen in FAMIS:

  • pension plans or funds, including deferred compensation/deferred income plans 403(b), 401(a), 457 and 501(c)(18) (type DC);
  • 401(k) plans (type 4K);
  • 403(a) plans (type 4A);
  • Keogh plans (type KO);
  • individual retirement accounts (IRAs), 408, and 408(a) (type IR);
  • individual development accounts (IDAs) (type DA);
  • Saving for Education, Entrepreneurship, and Downpayment (SEED) accounts (type SE);
  • 530 Coverdell Education Accounts (type CO);
  • 529 plans (type 5P) (for example: Missouri’s 529 College Savings Plan (MOST) is a 529 plan sponsored by the state of Missouri.); and
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) (type HS).
  • Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Account (type AD).

Client statement (CS) is acceptable verification, unless the resource or value is questionable or is near the maximum. Questionable information would be information provided by the EU that is inconsistent with other information available. To pend for verification of a resource, leave the verification field blank.

Record a comment regarding verification if other than client statement (CS) is used and any other information necessary to explain how the information affects eligibility.

Always review the Financial Resource Detail Summary (FMWG) screen prior to authorizing a case action to ensure resources you expect to be included are included in the determination. From the Action Authorization (FM3H) screen, press F15=RESOURCE to view the Financial Resource Detail Summary (FMWG) screen. If the resource is incorrect, select the resource and press F6=DETAILS to return to the appropriate screen and correct the inaccurate information.