Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1120.015.00 Expedited Service Applications

IM-98 November 12, 2013; IM-11 January 25, 2013; IM-99 December 5, 2012; IM-21 March 14, 2012; IM-62 October 18, 2011; IM-50 June 4, 2007; IM-27 March 19, 2004

Expedited Service is the priority processing of applications to provide benefits to certain Food Stamp eligibility units (EU) within seven calendar days from the date of application. Screen all initial applications, including second month applications, for expedited service on the date of application, and when changes are reported while the application is pending.  See Food Stamp Manual sections 1120.045.05 Postponed Interview and 1125.000.00 Expedited Service for information on processing expedited applications.