1120.000.00 Application Process

1120.045.10 Applicant Cannot Complete Interview

IM-34 June 13, 2016; IM-11 January 25, 2013; IM-21 March 14, 2012; IM-27 March 19, 2004

If an in-person or telephone interview is started but cannot be completed for any reason:

  • Leave the application in the FAMIS controlled flow.
  • Return to the Food Stamp Interview (FM1B) screen the same day to answer the question “Do you need to schedule an interview?” with a “Y”.
  • Enter the type of Interview needed as OND (on demand).
  • Print the Appointment Letter (FA-334) and give it to the applicant if applicable.

In these situations, FSD staff shall:

  • Inform the applicant that an interview is required to complete the application process
  • Communicate the date in which the interview is due to be complete.
  • Enter a comment in EUMEMROL about why the interview was started but not completed.

Encourage the applicant to complete the interview as soon as possible