Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1130.015.15 Processing Recertifications

IM-#001 January 15, 2019, IM-#136 November 20, 2017IM-#131 October 10, 2017IM-#90 October 1, 2015IM-#62 October 18, 2011, IM-#26 March 19, 2004, IM-219 December 17, 2001

An interview must be completed for an application for recertification, unless the applicant meets the criteria for an elderly and disabled waived interview.

  • All of the adult household members are either elderly or disabled, and
  • There is no earned income, and
  • The household reports no change in circumstances

Staff must review the Recertification Interview Decision Chart to ensure no changes in circumstances are reported before a making a decision to waive interview.

Note: Any applicant requesting an interview shall be granted an interview.

The interview may be by phone or in-person. The EU must provide necessary verification to receive uninterrupted benefits.

  • If there is outstanding verification on the Outstanding Verification (FM3M) screen, generate the FA-325 Request for Information form notifying the EU what information must be provided. Ensure the FA-325 clearly identifies the documentation that must be provided by adding text in the text box as needed. Give a copy of the FA-325 to the EU. The EU is allowed ten days from the date of the request for information to supply necessary verification. The Agency has the obligation to assist the EU in obtaining verification when possible. The date the information is due is documented on the Outstanding Verification (FM3M) screen.
  • If verification is provided and entered in FAMIS and the controlled flow is complete prior to or by the last day of the current certification, FAMIS approves the application if the EU is eligible. If the controlled flow is not complete, for a reason other than lack of interview, and all verification needed is provided, complete the controlled flow and authorize the action. This allows the EU to participate within 30 days from its last issuance.
  • If verification is not provided by the ten-day deadline, or the last day of the certification, whichever is later, the EU loses its rights to uninterrupted benefits, as long as the verification was requested in a timely manner. FAMIS rejects the application the night of the last day of the certification if the last day is a business day and the controlled flow was complete. If the last day is a weekend/holiday, FAMIS rejects the application the night of the first business day following the end of the certification.
  • If the EU does not appear or call in for the scheduled interview and does not call to reschedule an interview, FAMIS rejects the application the first business day following the last day of the certification unless the last day is a weekend or holiday. If the last day is a weekend or holiday, the application is rejected the second business day following the end of the certification. Refer to the user guide Worker Initiated Rejection for instructions.
  • Food Stamp applications that have been rejected by the system because the EU did not take a required action or rejected by the worker because the EU did not complete an interview should not be cancel rejected. The worker should use the date the EU complied as the new date of application and process a new application for the EU.

    • NOTE: The previous application should be used to process the later application if the later application is within 60 days of the previous application date.

    Food Stamp applications should only be cancel rejected based on agency delay. Refer to Cancel Rejecting a Food Stamp Application for instructions if the rejection was due to agency delay.