Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1140.005.50 Address Changes

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A change of address is not required to be reported. If the household moves and does not notify the county of the new address, no adverse action is taken.

NOTE: If the household’s notice of expiration is not received and the household applies after the end of the certification period, benefits will be prorated from the date of application, following normal policy.

When an household reports a new address:

  • Enter the new address and record a comment.
  • Do not ask if there are changes to the shelter expense.
  • Do not ask if there are changes to household composition.
  • If the household reports changes in shelter expense or household composition, act on the change.
  • Verify the household’s new address using CD1P (or contacting the household’s post office).

If the household notifies the Family Support Division (FSD) they have moved, take the following action:

  • Use CD1P (or contact local post office) to verify the address provided is a valid address within the new county.
  • Update the eligibility system with the new address and county code.

When mail is returned by the United States Postal Service with a forwarding address:

  • Enter the address provided by the United States Postal Service and resend the documents.
  • Record a comment in the eligibility system.

When mail is returned by the United States Postal Service marked “no known forwarding address”:

  • For a SNAP household, no action is taken.
  • For a combination SNAP and Income Maintenance (IM) case, no action is taken; the case will close or expire if the annual review or recertification documents are not returned.