0850.000.00 Individuals Qualifying Under Section 1619 of the Social Security Act

0850.005.20 Financial Need

IM-12 March 4, 2021; IM-71 May 26, 2020, IM-33 March 8, 2019, IM-70 December 18, 2018, IM-41 April 25, 2017,  IM-#21 February 23, 2017, IM-13 February 10, 2016, IM-15 February 19, 2015, IM-4 January 30, 2014IM-53 June 4, 2013IM-43 May 22, 2012IM-75 December 13, 2011IM-106 December 3, 2008IM-11 January 28, 2008IM-17 February 26, 2007IM-33 March 27, 2006IM-17 February 28, 2005

SSA establishes a “threshold amount” for each state to determine income eligibility for 1619 individuals. SSA only uses gross earned income to determine eligibility under 1619 criteria.

The threshold amount is only used by FSD to identify 1619 cases in FAMIS. When determining continued MO HealthNet eligibility, there is no income limit for participants who are granted SSA 1619 status.

See Appendix J for current monthly threshold amount.

If an individual is SSA 1619 eligible, do not consider the income of other household members.

If each spouse is SSA 1619 eligible, consider each spouse an individual case.

If only one spouse is SSA 1619 eligible, and the other is applying or receiving MHABD, consider the income and medical expenses of the 1619 individual in determining eligibility for the non-1619 spouse.