Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0210.015.05 Sources of Earned, Unearned, and Educational Income

IM-162 October 10, 2019; IM-118 August 15, 2019; IM-30 April 9, 2010; IM-29 April 8, 2010; IM-88 December 23, 2009; IM-55 July 21, 2009; IM-27 February 19, 2003; IM-155 November 21, 2002

13 CSR 40-2.310(4)(A) defines earned income as income in cash or kind currently earned as wages, salary, commissions, or profits from any business in which the claimant engages as a self-employed person or employee, with responsibilities that require his/her continuing activity.

Possible sources of Earned Income include but are not limited to:

  1. AmeriCorps *NCCC (AE-include)
  2. AmeriCorps not *NCCC (AM-exclude)
  3. bonuses (BO-include)
  4. commissions (CM-include)
  5. compensation in lieu of wages (earnings that would have been paid, but instead are being compensated for an expense) such as working off the rent (CL-include)
  6. disaster payments (DP-exclude)
  7. DVSA (Domestic Volunteer Services Act of 1973) – not AmeriCorps or VISTA (DV-exclude)
  8. Green Thumb – Title V Senior Community Service Employment (GT-include)
  9. On-the-Job Training (OJT) (J1-include); OJT occurs when the participant is hired by a public or private employer and receives hands-on training at the employer’s place of business and is coordinated through the Division of Workforce Development. Employers who participate in on-the-job training are reimbursed for up to one-half of the employees’ wages during the period of training to cover the employer’s training cost. OJT participants are paid at the same rates, including benefits and periodic increases, as similar employees or trainees. The rate-of-pay for an OJT participant can’t be less than the applicable federal or state minimum wage, whichever is higher.
  10. room/boarders or lodgers (RB-include)
  11. sale of blood/plasma (BP-include)
  12. self-employment income or earnings (SE-include, unless specified below)
    • child care self-employment: gross income paid to the EU member, including payments from the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) through the state-paid Child Care Program (CC-include)

      NOTE: If an EU member pays the child care income to another EU member the income is excluded earned income. Enter the income as usual, but prompt out for the EU member who pays the income in the Paid by Supercase Member field on the Income (FMX0) screen. If an EU member is paid by CCDF for an individual who resides in the same EU, the income is included.

    • sale of farm or garden products: gross income of more than $1000/yr (FA-include) or gross income of less than $1000/yr (FM-include)
    • rental property: consider income from rental property earned income only if a member of the EU is actively engaged in managing the property at least 20 hours per week (RE-include)
  13. sheltered workshop (SW-include)
  14. stipends when paid as a salary (TG-include)
    • NOTE: The funding source must be determined to make a correct decision as to whether this earned income is included or excluded. WIA-funded stipends are excluded as income (see “Possible sources of Unearned Income” below and/or 0210.015.35 Income Excluded)
  15. subsidized employment funded by federal (TANF) block grant (SU-include)
  16. supported employment/job: wages earned through the Supported Employment Program administered by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (SJ-include)
  17. tips (TI-include)
  18. training allowance (TG-include)
  19. VISTA – receiving IM/FS when entered program (VI-exclude)
  20. VISTA – not receiving IM/FS when entered program (VN-exclude)
  21. wages (including the amount of any garnishment) (WA-include)
  22. WIA Work Experience (J2-exclude)
  23. Work Study – not Title IV funded (WK-include)
  24. Work Study – Title IV funded (W4-exclude)
  25. YouthBuild Program Payments (YB-exclude)

NOTE: For additional information refer to the FAMIS Income Chart.

Possible sources of Unearned Income include but are not limited to:

  1. adoption subsidy maintenance payment (AS-include)
  2. Agent Orange AETNA (AO no longer valid, fund expired in 1997)
  3. Agent Orange Veteran’s Benefits (AV no longer valid, use code VA for any Agent Orange related VA disability benefits)
  4. Alaskan Native Claims Settlement Act payment (N2-exclude)
  5. alien sponsor contribution (Income received from sponsors is to be counted in its entirety) (AC-include)
  6. alimony (AL-include)
  7. alimony arrearages (AR-include)
  8. allotments: payments made from a military spouse or an institutionalized spouse/individual
    • payments from a spouse in the military to the EU (AA-include)
    • payments from a spouse that is institutionalized to the community spouse living in the EU (A2-include)
    • payments from an individual that is institutionalized to a minor or dependent living in the EU (A3-include)
    • payments from an individual that is institutionalized to a minor or dependent not living in the EU (A4-include)
  9. annuities (AN-include)
  10. black lung benefits (BL-include)
  11. blind pension (B1-include)
  12. bona fide loan (not student loans) (BF-exclude)
  13. Bureau of Indian Affairs (BI-exclude)
  14. Chaffee Foster Care to the EU (CF-include)
  15. Chaffee Foster Care to a third party (CH-exclude)
  16. children of Vietnam vets with spina bifida (SP-exclude)
  17. child support (CS-include)
  18. child support arrearages (CA-include)
  19. child support paid for someone outside home (CR-include)
  20. Child Nutrition Act of 1966 (CN-exclude)
  21. contributions from relatives, friends, churches, clubs, etc., made directly to the family (CO-include)
  22. crime victims fund (CV-exclude)
  23. Dept. of Mental Health payments (DH-include)
  24. disability benefits (DB-include)
  25. disaster payments – not Act of 1988 (DR-exclude)
  26. dividend/royalty (DI-include)
  27. Earned Income Tax Credits (TC-exclude)
  28. experimental housing allowance (EH-exclude)
  29. Federal Energy Assistance (EA-exclude)
  30. Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation Fund (FV-exclude)
  31. foster care payments (FC-include)
  32. German Reparation payments (GE-include)
  33. gifts (GF-include unless this is a small non-recurring cash gift such as those for Christmas, birthdays, and graduations not exceeding the percentage of need standard for the assistance group in a month) (see 0210.015.35.50 Other Income)
  34. guardianship subsidy (GS-include)
  35. HUD vendor payments (HD-exclude)
  36. housing cash assistance or voucher (HV-exclude)
  37. income in kind/vendor home (IK-exclude)
  38. interest (IN-exclude)
  39. incentive payments to encourage activities (IP-include)
  40. Job Corps living allowance/allotment (JA-include)
  41. Job Corps training related expenses (JT-exclude)
  42. lottery/gambling (LO-include)
  43. Medical Assistance/General Relief (MI-exclude)
  44. military deployment to combat zone (MD-include)
  45. military retirement (MR-include)
  46. Missouri senior citizens tax credit (MO-exclude)
  47. money from spouse eating less than 50% meals (MS-exclude)
  48. non–bona fide loan (NB-include)
  49. non-profit donations less than $300/qtr (DN-exclude)
  50. non-profit donations greater than $300/qtr (DO-exclude)
  51. notes receivable (real or personal property when sold on a time payment plan. The unpaid balance does not cause ineligibility. Consider the down payment (if any) as cash, but include time payments as unearned income) (NR-include)
  52. nursing home insurance (long term care insurance which covers such services as home health aides, adult day care, assisted living facilities and nursing home care) (NI-include)
  53. Old Age Assistance (OAA) – State Supplemental Payment (A1-exclude)
  54. Older Americans Act of 1965 (OA-exclude)
  55. payments from Missouri Family Trust Fund (PM-exclude)
  56. payments held in trust by Secretary of Interior for Indians (PS-exclude)
  57. Plan For Achieving Self-support (PASS) (PA-exclude)
  58. PTD – state supplemental payment (E1-exclude)
  59. radiation payments (RD-exclude)
  60. railroad retirement (RR-include)
  61. reduction – refusal to comply with program requirement (RP-exclude)
  62. Refugee Cash Assistance (RF-include)
  63. reimbursement exceeding actual expenses (RX-exclude)
  64. reimbursement not exceeding actual expenses (RM-exclude)
  65. reimbursement living expenses (RL-include)
  66. relocation assistance (RA-exclude)
  67. rental – working less than 20 hours/wk (RN-include)
  68. rep payee – payment not given to beneficiary (RH-include)
  69. restitution payments – Japanese (RJ-include)
  70. restitution payments – ALEUTS/PRIBILOFS (RS-exclude)
  71. Ricky Ray Hemophilia Fund – (RI-include)
  72. Section 8 rent and utilities subsidies (S8-exclude)
  73. severance pay (SV-include)
  74. Social Security (old age, survivors, and disability insurance benefits) (OASDI) (SS-include)
  75. stipends when paid for attending training (J7-exlclude)
    • NOTE: The funding source must be determined to make a correct decision as to whether this unearned income is included or excluded. WIA-funded stipends are excluded unearned income (see “Possible sources of Earned Income” above and/or 0210.015.35 Income Excluded)
  76. strike benefits (SB-include)
  77. Supplemental Aid to the Blind (F1-exclude)
  78. Supplemental Nursing Care (N1-exclude)
  79. Supplemental Security Income (SI-exclude)
  80. Temporary Assistance (C1 – C6 exclude)
  81. Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA/TRA) for living expenses (TL-include)
  82. Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA/TRA) not for living expenses (TN-exclude)
  83. trust fund (TE-include)
  84. unemployment compensation from out-of-state (UO-include)
  85. unemployment compensation/insurance (UC-include)
  86. unemployment compensation stimulus increase (US-include)
  87. union fund/pension benefits/retirement (UF-include)
  88. Veteran’s benefits which include VA Compensated Work Therapy, service-related disabilities which also include exposure to Agent Orange and allowances (VA-include)
  89. Voc Rehabilitation payments (CC compensation) (VF-exclude)
  90. Voc Rehabilitation payments (not CC compensation) (VR-exclude)
  91. welfare payments from another state (WS-include)
  92. WIA supportive services (J7-exclude)
  93. workers compensation (WC-include)
  94. work programs incentive payments (WP-include)

NOTE: For additional information refer to the FAMIS Income Chart.

Possible sources of Educational Income include but are not limited to:

  1. Bureau Of Indian Affairs (BI-exclude)
  2. graduate student income (GI-include)
  3. Student Assistance Not Title IV Funded (N4-include)
  4. Student Assistance Title IV Funded (NA-exclude)
  5. Veteran’s Education Assistance (Not CC Compensation) (VE-include)
  6. Veteran’s Education Assistance (CC Compensation) (VC-exclude)
  7. WIA Student Tuition (JS-exclude)

NOTE: For additional information refer to the FAMIS Income Chart.