2005 Office of Early Childhood Memorandums
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OEC-014  12/14/05
Change To The FAMIS Child Care Attendance Direct Pay Screen, FM5P
OEC-013  10/20/05
Changes To The FAMIS Child Care Need Screen, FMAC/CCNEED
OEC-012  10/13/05
FAMIS and CSIPS Child Care Authorizations For School Age Children
OEC-011  10/12/05
General Child Care Payment Procedures And Changes To The Child Care Invoice Screen, FM5P/CCATTEND
OEC-010  09/20/05
FAMIS Changes To The Child Authorization Screen, FM30
OEC-009  09/19/05
Child Care Assistance For Victims Of Hurricane Katrina
OEC-008  08/17/05
Electronic Fingerprinting For Family Home Child Care Providers
OEC-007  06/21/05
Increase In Income Guidelines For Child Care Assistance
OEC-006  04/06/05
OEC-005  03/16/05
Start-Up And Expansion Grant Opportunity For Childcare Providers
OEC-004  03/04/05
Baby Einstein Video Distribution
OEC-003  02/23/05
IRS 1099-MISC Forms To Child Care Providers
OEC-002  01/28/05
FAMIS Generated IRS 1099-MISC Forms To Child Care Providers
OEC-001  01/28/05
Children’s Divison, Child Abuse And Neglect Prevention, Partnerships, And Early Childhood Office Move