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This is the fifth in a series of enhancements to FAMIS to provide current information to the Authorized Representative (AR) as well as the MHABD participant.

IM-77 November 14, 2016 introduced the first notices to be automatically sent to the MHABD AR.

IM-35 April 24, 2017 introduced the next notices to be automatically sent to the MHABD AR.

2017 IM Memorandum #89 dated July 11, 2017 introduced more notices to be automatically sent to the MHABD AR.

IM-165 December 27, 2017 introduced additional notices to the AR.

Effective September 2, 2019 FAMIS will introduce two new screens.  These screens will be used for MHABD authorized representatives only, and will allow for the entry of an AR for the head of household (HOH) and/or other eligibility unit (EU) members.  

  •  Select ADM Authorized Representative (FMNH/SELADMAR)
    Includes a list of all open ARs.  This screen will also list ARs that were added on this screen and then ended.  ARs that were ended prior to the conversion to FMNH will remain on the Representative List (FMJ1/AUTHREP) screen, and will not be added to FMNH.
  • MHABD Representative Detail (FMNG) AR specific information will be added to this screen. There is no fastpath to this screen, it must be accessed from FMNH/SELADMAR.

NOTE: Authorized representatives for Food Stamp (FS), Child Care (CC), and Temporary Assistance (TA) cases will continue to be entered and updated on Representative List (FMJ1/AUTHREP) and Representative Detail (FMJG).

FMNH and FMNG will allow the collection of more specific information about who the participant wants to represent them and in what manner.  Participants will be able to choose a Primary Authorized Representative.  Notices will only be mailed to the primary AR.    

MHABD ARs will now be designated for the individual, not the entire eligibility unit (EU).  Each spouse may select his/her own AR. 

Notices will now be sent to the AR for couple cases, IF they share the same primary AR, or if only the individual requesting or receiving benefits designates an AR.  

NOTE: Protected Health Information (PHI) Permission response of N will not prevent notices being mailed to an AR coded as primary. 

ARs previously entered on the Representative List (AUTHREP/FMJ1) screen will be converted to the new FMNH and FMNG screens September 1, 2019.  Information will be moved for all open ARs to the HOH only.  Primary role will be assigned based on the hierarchy previously developed, see IM-165 December 27, 2017.   At each contact and the annual reinvestigation, review converted ARs to ensure information is correct.  Converted ARs coded with a role of APP (application only) must be ended.  These can be re-entered with their correct role if they were not intended to be application only ARs. Converted ARs may be updated to indicate they are primary, or not, etc.  Type and Role may not be updated once entered or converted.  Closed ARs will not be converted to the new screen, and will remain on the AUTHREP screen. 

NOTE: Updating a converted AR to shared Y will NOT create a copy for the spouse.  It is necessary to end the converted AR, and re-enter as shared.  Do not enter the same AR for the spouse without ending the converted AR.  FAMIS will treat this as 2 separate ARs, not a single shared AR.

It may be necessary to:

  • review the IM6AR the participant submitted to determine the correct role was assigned when the AR was entered into FAMIS,
  • call a participant to ensure the AR is correct and has the correct authority, or
  • send an IM6ARR so the participant can end the AR designation.

When an application is registered and FSD staff indicates on the Application Detail screen that an AR has signed the MHABD application, the FMNG screen will appear immediately following Eligibility Unit Member Role (FM3Z/EUMEMROL) in the controlled flow.  If there is also a FS, CC, or TA application AUTHREP will follow FMNG.  If the same AR is listed for MHABD and another program the AR must be entered on both screens.

NOTE:  The AR’s address must not be entered as the mailing address on the Person Detail (PRSNDTL) screen.  When the AR’s address is entered, the participant does not receive a copy of notices.

Representatives with Application Only (APO) role

On the FMNG screen the AR role of APO will be used to indicate the AR has been designated to assist with the application process only.  An AR coded as APO will be ended by FAMIS upon the completion of the application (approval or rejection).   If a hearing is requested the staff member who receives the hearing request must make updates as follows:

  1. Cancel reject the application if appropriate,
  2. Update the hearing field to Y on the FMNG screen and
  3. Remove the AR end date if application was not cancel rejected.

When the hearing decision is received:

  1. Update the hearing request to N on the FMNG screen,
  2. Enter the current date as the end date, and
  3. Approve or reject as indicated by the hearing decision.

User guides have been developed to give further instructions for adding an Authorized Representative for MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled and the hearing requested field.


  • Review this memorandum with appropriate staff.
  • At each contact or the annual reinvestigation, review Authorized Representatives to ensure information is correct and current.
  • Begin adding new MHABD authorized representatives on the FMNH/FMNG screens.